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Why a Bed Bug Exterminator Uses Cryonite Freezing in Manhattan, NY

Bed bugs are persistent, hard-to-kill, life-disrupting pests that love to strike at night. Once they make their home within your home, they’re hard to spot—and will be hard for you to evict without professional help. For these hardy bugs, heavy-duty measures are appropriate. An effective bed bug exterminator will deploy Cryonite freezing in your Manhattan, NY, home—this efficient, modern method rids homes of bed bugs for good, so that you can get a good night’s sleep again.

The Source of All the Trouble

The trouble with bed bugs often starts with travel. Whether you pick up the pests while on vacation or the bugs themselves hitch a ride within bags or on clothing, once they make their way into your home, they will make themselves comfortable within small hiding spots, usually within the seams of your mattress or in the cracks of nearby furniture. Since they generally feed on their prey (you) while it’s sleeping, they’ll be close to those areas. If the population grows, the bugs may find other places to stay within your home. They can easily hide within furniture, carpets, curtains, and almost any other part of your home where they find a crack in which to hide.

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The Reasons They’re Hard to Kill

Bed bugs survive by consuming blood. They remain hidden unless they’re feeding, which they generally do about once a week. They cause itching, loss of sleep, and illness, but they hide so well you might not even realize that you have a problem until the population has grown quite large.

A bed bug exterminator can confirm that your problem is in fact due to bed bugs and come up with a plan to eradicate them. Some treatments involve heat or fumigation, but these treatments aren’t comprehensive. And they can be unnecessarily costly because they require repeat treatments, and bed bugs are known for building up a resistance to such treatments. A much more effective method involves Cryonite freezing, a safe alternative for exterminating bed bugs.

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The Real Solution Cryonite Provides

Cryonite brings on the cold rather than the heat. Homeowners prefer it not just because of its effectiveness but because there is very little preparation needed. You can trust this procedure to get rid of your infestation without damaging your personal effects whatsoever. When used in conjunction with thorough vacuuming and treatment of wall voids and seams, this treatment will work effectively and completely.

How It Works

The Cryonite freezing method entails carbon dioxide in snow form being sprayed onto the furniture and crevices of the room. In effect, it freezes the bugs at -110 degrees. The instant the “snow” hits the bed bugs, they die, and the spray doesn’t leave chemical residue behind. The dry ice snow doesn’t stain or damage surfaces or products, so it’s safe to use anywhere within your home where bed bugs might be hiding. Cryonite freezing kills bed bugs throughout every stage of their life cycle.

A bed bug problem is one that is difficult for any homeowner to attempt to solve on their own. Cryonite freezing offers a workable solution. Minimal mess results from this quick treatment, and it is safe for all applications and households.