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Why Some Infestations Require Multiple Bed Bug Treatments in Brooklyn, NY

Bed bugs are nothing if not tenacious. Once they’re find a place to live, they’re hard for many property owners and residents to evict on their own. Calling on professionals who use a highly effective bed bug treatment minimizes the need for more than one visit to your Brooklyn, NY, home—and frees you from your bed bug problem once and for all.

Winning the Game of Hide and Seek

Bed bugs are notoriously good hiders. The pest control company that you choose must be equipped to win the game of hide and seek. Bed bugs are tiny and can hide within any crack or seam of a wall, piece of furniture, or other home space, making it easy for them to be overlooked during a pest control session. We offer the assistance of trained dogs that will win the hide-and-seek hunt as well as eagle-eyed professionals who are well-trained, experienced, and committed to eradicating the bed bugs from your home.

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Overcome the Obstacles of a Multi-Dwelling Infestation

City living exacerbates the Brooklyn bed bug problem simply because close quarters make it easy for bed bugs to expand where they live. These pests can crawl through outlets, cracks, and under doors, spreading from one dwelling to the next. For multi-dwelling homes, it’s ideal and most effective to treat an infestation as a group if possible. Because you have no control over what your neighbors do or if they inadvertently bring bed bugs home after a trip, you may find that multiple treatments do become necessary.

Understand the Life Cycle of the Bed Bug

Bed bugs are hardy pests with a life span of around a year. They can survive long periods without feeding, and females can lay up to five eggs per day. The long lifespan, vast breeding potential, and difficulty to starve mean that once you have bed bugs, you have a problem that will not go away on its own. The best course of action is to find a pest control company that has a proven method of extermination that addresses every stage of the life cycle and that can guarantee that they will rid you of the bug problem with just one visit (and will follow up if necessary at no extra charge). Otherwise, you run the risk of having to undergo more than one bed bug treatment.

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Beware of Pesticide-Resistant Bed Bugs

As pesticide use has continued and expanded, the potential for bed bugs to become resistant to pesticides has grown as well. Homeowners and commercial property owners who opt for pesticide treatments or try to take care of the bed bug problem themselves may find that they have to attack the bugs multiple times and still do not see results. Fortunately, choosing an exterminator that uses Cryonite freezing as the method of choice means you don’t have to worry about pesticide resistance. This process is non-toxic, effective for all stages of the bed bug life cycle, and safe for use in all areas of the home. Since it doesn’t rely on chemicals, the issue of pesticide-resistant bed bugs is moot.

Call on the Right Exterminator

The first step when you think you have a bed bug problem is to call in the dogs. Our highly trained dogs (discreetly brought to your property) will be able to confirm whether you have an infestation, and a quick solution can be put into motion.