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How to Tell If You Need Bed Bug Control in Staten Island, NY

Bed bugs can live undetected in your Staten Island, NY, for months—unless you know exactly what to look for to spot an infestestation. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to time to seek bed bug control, you could look for the following warning signs of a bed bug infestation. If there is a problem in your home, the sooner you reach out for help, the better.

Are Bed Bugs Present?

Bed bugs are notorious for thriving without even being noticed by the owner of the house. It’s helpful to know what they look like throughout their life cycle. When the eggs are hatched, they take 10 days to hatch into immature nymphs. These nymphs look like a maggot except they are half the size of a grain of rice. Shortly after, they will undergo five molting periods, and each time they will shed their exoskeleton. These exterior shells are one of the main indicators of an infestation.

Since each bed bug goes through this process, you could see an abundance of molted exoskeletons if there is a big bed bug problem brewing in your home. Other signs could be the telltale red bites that are likely to be noticed in the morning. As nocturnal insects, bed bugs often burrow down into whatever piece of furniture they are in and stay. This is also the same reason that you could wake up with bed bug bites instead of getting them during the day.

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Where to Look

Generally, bed bugs can live almost anywhere in a home but they like to stay in a few common locations. The first and most common place is in your bed and box spring. This is for a few reasons. The inside of a bed and box spring are dark and relatively cool, making them the optimal habitat. Not to mention the fact that their food source sleeps right above them, so they don’t have to go very far for food.

If you call for bed bug control service, an inspection will uncover whether your suspicions of a bed bug problem are correct. Other than the bed and surrounding areas, the inspection could include a complete sweep of your home’s furniture from cupboards in your bathroom to area rugs in your dining room. Another place to check for signs of bed bugs that not many people think of is your dresser and side tables that have drawers. Even though these places don’t have upholstery, they are still susceptible to bed bugs.

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What to Look For

The chances of finding a group of bed bugs is low unless you have a serious infestation on your hands. What you may find instead on your own, in addition to any molted exoskeletons, are fecal spots. These spots look like small black stains that you may find on furniture. These stains will show up anywhere bed bugs travel. Because bed bugs are so small and prone to hiding, it can be very challenging for most people to know for sure whether they have a problem. For peace of mind and quick action, bed bug control inspectors can confirm whether you are living among these tiny pests and what can be done about it.