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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

How Our Exterminator Kills Bed Bugs in NYC

If you have any suspicion that you have a bed bug problem, you are likely looking for a quick solution. To rid your NYC home of these problematic pests—quickly and effectively—you need to call in the professionals. Here is how our exterminator kills bed bugs—fast.

How Bed Bugs Travel

Bed bugs are known for being savvy travelers. They travel on suitcases, backpacks, shoes, and sometimes clothing that has been in an infected environment. Because hotels, buses, and even ride-sharing vehicles host or transport many people, bed bugs are known for finding places to reside and hitching rides in busy areas like NYC.

Bed bugs burrow into mattresses, headboards, the seams of chairs, crevices of fabric bus panels, and other places where many people travel. In hotels, because you sleep in the bed and leave your suitcase open on the chair, bed bugs have multiple chances for hitchhiking a ride with you back to your home.

How They Spread

Bed bugs can spread throughout your home or from apartment to apartment in several ways. First, they can travel on any piece of furniture that is moved from the infested room to another room. They can also spread from a suitcase that has infected clothes where the clothes are put away or stored in the closet.

Second, bed bugs cannot fly but they can crawl from room to room, from floor to floor, and even through the electrical outlets. Their eggs may be present in used furniture or clothing that has come in contact with bed bugs.

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Ineffective Methods

All too often, homeowners discover that the do-it-yourself approach to bed bug extermination is pointless. It’s also time-consuming, as personal items are moved, bagged, and washed in hot water—but the bugs still manage to come back.

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How Our Exterminators Kill Bed Bugs

The first step to detecting bed bugs is to bring in highly trained bug-sniffing dogs, along with their expert handlers, to your home. (Rest assured that our treatment team will arrive in a discreet vehicle, so that you don’t have to worry what your neighbors will say.) These canines can detect bed bugs in minutes, in every nook and cranny of a room. With a 96%-98% success rate, they can pinpoint the bugs to within a 3-foot radius.

Once the bed bugs have been identified, the exterminator will use a Cryonite machine that emits carbon dioxide “snow” at a temperature of -110 degrees to freeze bed bugs in their tracks. While bed bugs can become immune to pesticides, they are not going to become immune to being frozen.

Since Cryonite is a “green,” safe, nontoxic solution, this treatment is safe for humans and animals. Disruption to your home life is minimal. You don’t even have to pack up before our arrival or move any furniture around as our methods are preparation free—we take care of any cleanup for you. Additionally, our bed bug exterminator will return for a follow-up visit, if necessary, to ensure a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. To rid your home of bed bugs in one complete treatment, contact our expert exterminator to remove these problem pests quickly and efficiently.