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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

The Benefits of Freezing Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a costly and irritating problem for many Manhattan, NY, residents. It used to be that finding bed bugs in your home or business meant a long, arduous process of dealing with prepping, chemicals, and prolonged absence from where you live or work. Not anymore! New advances in pest management have led to the creation of new chemical-free methods of getting rid of bed bugs. Now you have the option of freezing bed bugs, a highly effective method that minimizes the hassles of having to deal with these tiny pests.

How Does It Work?

Freezing bed bugs is an easy process from the homeowner’s perspective. First, we will bring in our bed bug sniffing dogs and determine if you have a bed bug issue, and if you do, where they’ve been hiding. This helps to pinpoint the exact target of the treatment, making it effective and swift. Then we will use our Cryonite system to apply non-toxic CO2 “snow” at -110° F to the affected areas. This kills the bed bugs instantly, freezing them to death by causing internal physical damage. It will also kill any eggs or larvae present. This system leaves no wetness or residue, making it effective for use on furniture, building structures, or even sensitive machinery or other equipment.

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What Is the Advantage of This Method?

Freezing bed bugs with our Cryonite system is the safest method of removing bed bugs from your home or business. Standard methods use pesticides or other chemicals that can be toxic and undesirable in areas where food or heavy human traffic is present. This system eliminates the need for those chemicals and thus the need to worry about whether your area will be safe afterward. Another advantage is that bed bugs do not develop a resistance as they can with pesticides, so the problem will not return. Lastly, this method is safe for the environment, and uses recycled CO2, minimizing the carbon footprint of treatment. All in all, traditional methods cannot hold a candle to the speed, effectiveness, and safety of freezing bed bugs.

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How Do I Start?

If you have a problem with bed bugs in your home or business in Manhattan area, we can help! Our service is discreet, as our technicians drive unmarked vehicles and do not wear labeled uniforms. We offer the best guarantee in the business, and if your bed bug problem is not solved after the first treatment, we will return for a follow up at no cost to you. Contact one of our representatives today for more information on this process or schedule an inspection!