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A Guide to Bed Bug Control in Nassau County, NY, Residences

Everyone shudders at the thought of bed bugs. They seemed to once be on the verge of extinction around the 1950s, but they’ve managed to survive—and multiply. More recently, an increased rate of travel has made them a more serious problem, increasing the need for bed bug control in areas like Nassau County, NY. Today, bed bugs are destroying the peace in homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, and restaurants all across America.

If lately you’ve been noticing bite marks on your body after a night’s sleep, it’s possible that bed bugs are taking over your home.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small parasites that will feed on birds, cats, and other animals, but prefer humans as their food source. Even though studies show that they don’t transmit diseases to humans, they are still very troublesome to their human victims who are troubled by seemingly sudden red bite marks that itch and cause discomfort. Plus, knowing that bugs feed on you while you’re sleeping is simply disturbing. For some humans, the bites can even cause an allergic reaction that could require a doctor visit.

Home Entry

There is no point in asking yourself how bed bugs came into your house. These creatures are easily transported on purses, luggage, boxes, and clothing, so knowing the exact way they got into your home is almost impossible.

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Instead of focusing on that mystery, the question should center on confirming their existence in your home and how to get rid of them. Most often, they’re found around beds, where they can get quick access to their favorite food source—you.

Places bed bugs may be hiding in your home:

  • The nooks and crannies of furniture
  • Under furniture and rugs
  • Within the folds of mattresses
  • Behind paintings and loose wallpaper
  • In electronic devices such as telephones and clocks

Bed Bug Control

If you suspect your home is under attack by bed bugs, an inspection service will carefully look in the above-mentioned areas. They’ll be looking for live bugs as well as the telltale signs of brown, reddish fecal matter, as well as the eggs and eggshells of bed bugs.

Solving the Problem

Confirmation of a bed bug infestation is just the beginning. Over-the-counter pesticides and other home remedies have proven not to fully eradicate bed bugs from homes. Trying them out and failing adds to the expense and time of dealing with bed bugs and can actually make things worse.

Ask for Help

These little creatures are very resilient and excel in hiding, making them hard to control. Because of that, calling an exterminator is the best and safest option. Professionals deploy an integrated pest management program to suppress the bugs and minimize the risks to the environment and your health.  

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NY Bed Bug Dogs could solve your bed bug problem so that you can finally sleep soundly again. We offer an innovative and highly efficient way of eliminating bed bugs by freezing them. Our cryonite machine emits carbon dioxide at an extremely cold temperature—below 110° F. That will wipe out your bed bugs.