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How Your Condo Can Benefit from Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs in Brooklyn, NY

Man’s best friend has become the most effective tool for detecting bed bugs. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem at your Brooklyn, NY, condo, highly trained bed bug dogs can confirm whether your suspicions are true. Here’s how your condo can benefit from bed bug sniffing dogs.

Fast Detection

Just as highly trained dogs are used to detect weapons such as bombs and illegal substances, the NY Bed Bug Dogs canine team members are skilled at what they do best—hunting bed bugs. In less time than it takes to make eggs, bacon, and a cup of coffee, our dogs will seek out and find any bed bugs that may be present in your Brooklyn condo. They are well-trained and certified for this task, and can locate a bed bug infestation in a regular hotel room in under two minutes. This means that even larger condos can undergo inspection in a much shorter time frame than more traditional bed bug detection methods. With fast confirmation of an infestation, our bed bug exterminator specialists can quickly respond by assessing the situation and getting to work to rid your condo of bed bugs.

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Thorough Inspection

For those of you in the Brooklyn, NY, area who’ve never heard of bed bug detection dogs, the concept might seem a little unorthodox; however, canine bed bug detection has been used for a while. Detection methods like traps or visual detection may be more traditional in a sense, but bed bug sniffing dogs allow for a thorough inspection of every area where bed bugs possibly can be—even those you might not have considered. In order for the NY Bed Bug Dogs to do their work, there are a few easy requirements for preparing for their inspection. These inspection requirements include: freshly vacuumed floors, no visible food or other distracting debris on the floor, closed windows, and air conditioning and fans powered down at least 60 minutes before your scheduled inspection. All distracting noises—such as televisions, radios, and so on—should also be turned off before inspection begins. Doing all of these things and a few other key requirements gives our dogs the best bet of seeking out every last bed bug infested area in your condo.

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Lower Cost

Many people assume that bed bugs are only present in unsanitary conditions, but this is far from the case. These reddish-brown pests can be found in the cleanest homes, or even the most high-end, so no condo owner should consider themselves immune. Our dogs are not just fans of rooting out bug problems—they’re also good at their job. After 800 hours of training by a master canine trainer, and working daily with certified dog handlers to seek out bed bugs, our dogs have an up to 98% success rate when it comes to finding these bugs. That means that within minutes, a room in your condo will experience a full, intense sweep for bed bugs. Since bed bug sniffing dogs are so fast at detecting the presence of bed bugs, this cuts down on costs required by other detection methods. Other methods may expect you to pay large costs upfront just to find the problem, and could take hours to complete. Meanwhile, with our method you save money, and in a short time know if you’re bed bug free, or if you need NY Bed Bug Dogs’ expert exterminators to come in and finish the job.