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Top 3 Tips for Bed Bug Treatment in Brooklyn, NY

Bed bugs can exist undetected in a household while wreaking havoc on inhabitants. The awful thing is, often you won’t even know if they’re present in your Brooklyn, NY, home until bite marks are visible. Avoid problems with these top tips for bed bug treatment:

Bring on the Cold

Freeze the pests out. Bed bugs want to be comfy in the most comfortable spot in your home. They will be caught unawares by cryonite, a non-toxic bed bug treatment that eliminates bed bugs in all stages of life by rapidly freezing them. Only to be used by trained and experienced professionals, a cryonite machine emits carbon dioxide “snow” at a temperature of -110° F. Bed bugs can’t survive, and the effects are immediate.

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Sleep Better After Insecticide Treatment

Bed bugs require multiple methods of treatment to make sure they’re truly gone from your home. When it comes to insecticide treatments, you need to make sure you choose knowledgeable pest management professionals who will use quality products for your bed bug treatments. DIY options may seem like a great way to save money but can end up putting you in a financial hole, as they can make infestations much worse. This time-consuming process should be handled by experts who will use tried-and-true brands, as opposed to “over the counter” solutions.

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There are three major insecticide types your pest controller may use: a dust insecticide that works well for places like baseboards, electrical outlets, and other crevices, cracks, and voids; a fast-acting contact option for often-used surfaces; and a residual insecticide for all of the above and the inside of furniture. 

Prevent Future Infestations

Bed bug treatment options require a skilled professional, but you can help prevent future infestations or aid the treatment process by changing little things on your own. Regularly wash your curtains, clothing, stuffed animals, bedding, linen, and other cloth-based items in hot water and dry them in the sun or on your dryer’s highest setting. You should also frequently vacuum the areas where bed bugs like to hang out (like bedrooms) and have any plaster cracks fixed and wallpaper that’s peeling replaced so they don’t have places to hide.