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How Bed Bug Control Helps to Kill Bed Bugs in Staten Island, NY, Hotels

To keep guests coming back, hotels in Staten Island, NY, need to provide a certain level of service. This includes year-round, reliable bed bug control. Savvy hotels know that bed bug control gives their guests the ability to rest easy while keeping their business reputation at a high standard.

After all, hotels gather people from all parts of the world. Those people have different views, personalities, and goals. But for the most part, they have similar expectations for their stays in hotel rooms, whether their time there involves spending precious time with loved ones, getting some much-needed shut-eye, or preparing for a big business presentation. At night, they collect strength for their next challenge through a good night’s sleep.

How Can We Help?

NY Bed Bug Dogs has been providing safe and effective bed bug control for more than 40 years. We offer bed bug control services for residential and commercial properties, including not only hotels but hospitals, nursing homes, apartments, dormitories, and office buildings as well.

What’s important is we understand how much of a hassle bed bugs represent to businesses. These pests transport easily, as they can sneak into the luggage and clothing, and take a ride to any type of hotel or motel. Unfortunately, if the establishment doesn’t have regular inspections, it may take it awhile to notice some bed bugs have hitched a ride until the situation becomes serious.

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It only takes one hotel guest to start a bed bugs infestation. They spread rapidly. And by that, we mean that several bed bugs can turn into an army of 13,000 bed bugs after only six months. It’s a quite frightening thought. Not to mention what an uncontrolled infestation could mean for the hotel involved. In the best case scenario, it could hinder the quality of service. But, more likely, it’ll go even further since bad news travels fast. It probably won’t take long until the hotel becomes known for these mean little creatures if an intervention doesn’t occur to wipe out the pests.  

Taking Action

If your hotel has any hint of bed bugs or you want to have regular inspections to keep the risk of bed bugs under control, we can help out. Over-the-counter pesticides are not nearly as efficient as professional bed bug control. What does work is a careful inspection (for discretion, we arrive in unmarked vehicles, and our technicians don’t wear labeled uniforms) and, if a problem is detected, a 100% guarantee that the bugs will be eliminated following our two-treatment, two-inspection process. We stand behind the quality of our service.

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The reason why our service is so efficient is the accurate detection of bed bugs. Our dogs find bed bugs in mere minutes, thanks to their knowledge and special skills. Our integrated pest management program involves revolutionary cryonite freezing to effectively eliminate bed bugs. 

We tailor our services to the needs of our business clients. We offer a thorough bed bug inspection and elimination as well as a special program to keep these creatures under control. With us, you can schedule bed bug control visits on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis, depending on what your hotel needs.