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Bed Bug Inspection: How Bed Bug Infestations Are Detected in NYC

In NYC, there’s a novel way for sniffing out and finding bed bug infestations. With this method, the rate of detection is 96-98% effective, making it a sure-fire winner in the pest control industry. Bed bug inspection is just part of the fix, but it’s the one that gets the ball rolling on saving your home or rental from this invasive pest. Ready to get started? Here’s how bed bug infestations are detected in NYC:

Call in the Dogs

The same way highly trained dogs are used to detect illegal substances, like drugs, and weapons, like bombs, they are effective when it comes to detecting bed bugs. At NY Bed Bug Dogs, our canine unit is up for any bed bug related detection task. They work harder than most humans at their job, as they perform daily bed bug inspections. With over 800 hours of bed bug detection training with a master canine trainer, our dogs are ready for any property challenge.

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They leave no corner unsearched, and sniff every nook to ensure that they find the pesky and potentially dangerous bed bugs infesting your home. Their high-efficacy rate works well within a three-foot radius of where bed bugs are hiding. So, you can be assured that our dogs will seek out and find the problematic pests.

Ways to Increase Efficiency

With every pest control method, there are ways to improve its efficiency. This is the same for our bed bug dog detection approach. We consult with homeowners before we take action, so you will understand what’s necessary upfront and will be prepared when we turn up at your NYC home to complete a detection job with our dogs. One of our requests is that you temporarily leave the area to be worked in so that the dogs can put their best paws forward as they work without distractions.

When our bed bug dogs are going to come for inspection, there are a few things to consider and put into practice. Try not to leave distracting things like pet food or pets in the areas that are under inspection. This allows our dogs to fully focus on their job—to find the bed bugs if they’re present. On a related point, try to leave your rooms as clear of clutter as possible in order for both the expert canine handler and expert four-legged bedbug detector to move about freely and uninhibited.

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Other things to consider are: Mute or turn off all electronic entertainment portals such as televisions and radios. Windows should be closed at least an hour before inspection. Sweep or vacuum floors to get rid of any leftover food or debris. And turn off fans and air conditioning.

Experts Have Your Back

NY Bed Bug Dogs’ skilled and professional exterminators have you covered for all your bed bug detection, prevention, and extermination needs. It doesn’t matter if your home is a luxury condo or one-bedroom apartment, bed bugs are happy to infest all kinds of environments. High-quality detection methods, like our bed bug canines, can save you from infestation or be the first step in getting rid of one that’s already manifested. Don’t leave yourself open to bites, itching, or potentially more harmful physical effects associated with bedbugs.