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Cryonite Freezing vs. Other Methods for Bed Bug Removal in Bronx, NY

Bed bugs in your Bronx, NY, private or business residence can hinder more than just your sleep. If the problem isn’t addressed, they may rapidly spread from one area to another, which could complicate bed bug removal and cause problems with your neighbors or other businesses. To avoid all this, eliminating bed bugs as soon as possible is crucial to minimize the damage they cause and prevent infestation. While professionals may use different methods of bed bug removal, freezing bed bugs is considered to be one of the most efficient ones.

Professional Bed Bug Control  

If there is a presence of bed bugs, the best-case scenario is that you happen to see the miniscule creatures before you notice the damage they can cause. But it’s more likely that homeowners and business owners suspect they have bed bugs only after they notice bites on their skin or fecal matters on furniture and devices.

Bed bugs can only be eliminated when handled by professionals. At NY Bed Bugs Dogs, we aim for the best results, which is why we incorporated cryonite freezing in our integrated pest management program. We have dealt with eliminating bed bugs for thousands of customers, to bring peace of mind back to residents and business owners.

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What Is Cryonite Freezing?

Cryonite is a bed bug treatment that can quickly eliminate bed bugs by freezing them. A cryonite machine used in this treatment produces carbon dioxide “snow” at a freezing temperature of -110° F. Liquid CO2 literally freezes bed bugs dead in place. Here are the reasons why we choose this method for bed bug removal over others:

Fast and efficient: Standard methods of bed bug removal are not nearly as efficient as cryonite freezing. They usually take more than one or two treatments, which can actually make things worse. Insecticide application may accelerate bed bug infestation and cause the insects to retreat from your home or business, finding surrounding areas to go for awhile.

Cryonite freezing is highly efficient because it allows for prompt bed bug removal. Freezing bed bugs in place mean instant death, usually eliminating them in one visit. In case we don’t manage to eliminate all bed bugs in one treatment, we will come back for another (free) treatment.

Another reason why this method is highly efficient is that it eliminates bed bugs in all stages of life compared to other methods that may not kill eggs or larvae and actually bring the problem back after some time passes.

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Non-toxic and eco friendly: Cryonite freezing is a nontoxic method for bed bug removal and it’s also the safest one. Not only it will eliminate bed bugs from your home or business, but it will also put your mind at ease knowing that this system is safe.

Standard methods of bed bug removal use chemicals and pesticides that may not even kill bed bugs, because over time these pests can become immune to chemical properties. However, this cannot happen with cryonite because this method doesn’t contain chemicals. Also, cryonite freezing uses recycled CO2 and won’t add any extra CO2 into the atmosphere, making it eco-friendly.  

What’s more, standard methods that include chemicals and pesticides can do more harm than good to people, especially for homeowners who have children and pets. Chemicals may be dangerous when used close to the kitchen and tables, where they can easily get in contact with food or people.