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Bed Bugs in College Dorm Rooms? Hire a Bed Bug Exterminator Company

At college the only things students should be concerned about are getting to classes on time and doing the best they can in those classes. There’s no way they can focus if bed bugs attack their dorm room. Soon they’ll be dealing with irritation and itching from bites, and their attempts at do-it-yourself methods will fail. Dorm rooms in Brooklyn, NY, that may be infested with bed bugs need the help of a bed bug exterminator company to get the job done properly.

Not Sleeping Well

A dorm room resident might be able to spot bed bugs when they come crawling as a fully-grown adult—especially one gorged on blood—is approximately apple-seed size, brown in color, and oval-shaped. The issue with detection is that usually these nocturnal bugs feed at night and occupants are likely to be sleeping then. Other telltale signs of a bed bug presence are: pearl-white or translucent eggs with a shiny exterior film that stick to surfaces, stains that are reminiscent of dark felt tip pen stains (bed bug feces), and transparent, shed skin that looks like adult bed bugs.

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Not Just Beds

Bed bugs don’t just make a home of beds. Entire dorm rooms could be affected. The problem could have started outside the room. Unfortunately, bed bugs don’t mind a bit of travel. Occupants may sometimes unknowingly bring bed bugs from back home in boxes, suitcases, and bags. Unaware of the pests that lurk in their things, unpacking begins, and it’s not long before a perfectly pest-free dorm room and by extension, dormitory building, becomes infested. That’s why professional pest control is required to get started on a fix the moment bed bugs are detected.

Trained Bed Bug Dogs

To completely exterminate bed bugs, it usually requires multiple treatments. NY Bed Bug Dogs doesn’t just jump in and start spraying. The first step to figuring out what treatments will be necessary for your Brooklyn, NY, bed bug infestation, is using our trained bed bug dogs to detect them. Our dogs have 96%–98% accuracy when it comes to locating bed bugs within a three-foot radius of their location. They won’t leave one crevice or crack unchecked, so you can be sure that when they sniff out the bed bugs, they’ll find them. Our canine unit is trained by a master canine trainer and are better than DIY options as they have over 800 hours of bed bug detection training.

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Hardware store products with no professional help is a recipe for disaster. They may seem to fix the problem but in fact may make the infestation worse. Only bed bug exterminator companies understands exactly what’s needed to truly rid dorm rooms of bed bugs.

No One Has to Know

Having a bed bug problem in your college dormitories isn’t something to broadcast. This could put a damper on potential students applying to live on campus and make existing residents uncomfortable in their rooms. As professional pest control experts, we don’t need to broadcast who we are on arrival. Our vehicles are unmarked, and our uniforms aren’t labeled, so no one but you needs to know who we are or that we’re there to detect and rid you of a bed bug problem.