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How a Bed Bug Exterminator Handles Bed Bug Infested Mattresses and Furniture

Homeowners in Manhattan, NY, who are struggling with a bed bug problem may feel inclined to throw away their infested furniture and mattresses. This is an expensive and, unfortunately, ineffective way to try to get rid of bed bugs. Most likely, some bugs will just find other places to hide, and the problem will persist. Calling in a bed bug exterminator is the best way to save your furniture and make those bugs really go away.

What About Over-the-Counter Solutions?

Homeowners who have noticed bed bugs on their mattresses and furniture often turn to over-the-counter solutions as their first step. They soon discover that’s usually a waste of time and money.

We do not recommend the use of insecticides and natural sprays. Chemicals may be dangerous for your health, especially if they get in contact with your skin. They can also leave stains on the furniture and hinder its otherwise stunning look.

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Natural, eco-friendly sprays may be safer to use, but they can also cause the retreat of bed bugs, which means they will attack your neighbors instead. This is not a good solution either as they may find their way back to your home.

Cleaning and Vacuuming

Another common solution that homeowners opt for is thorough cleaning and vacuuming of furniture and mattresses. While this can decrease the number of bed bugs on your furniture for a time, it cannot eliminate them.  

Know that handling bed bugs by yourself is unlikely to be successful. It’s best to call a bed bug exterminator as soon as possible to quickly and effectively any infestation to an end.

How We Do It

When it comes to bed bug infested mattresses and furniture, it’s important to treat everything rather than just a surface area. Bed bugs can also be in the nooks and crannies of furniture.

At NY Bed Bug Dogs, we use cryonite freezing—one of the best methods for bed bug removal. After thoroughly inspecting your furniture and mattresses, we will apply cryonite freezing to quickly and completely eliminate bed bugs and give you peaceful nights for sleeping, rather than you having to worry about teensy-tiny pests.

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This method uses recycled CO2 and doesn’t contain chemicals, so it’s safe for removing bed bugs from furniture and mattresses, as well as from the whole home. It does not stain or damage furniture because it doesn’t leave wetness or residue. It can even be used on devices and equipment.

Checking Other Areas

It is not enough to just remove bed bugs from mattresses and furniture. These tiny creatures love to hide in places where we can barely see them, such as in the walls, around the windows, and practically anywhere they can get.

Cryonite freezing freezes bed bugs dead in place, which is why this method is so fast and efficient. We can eliminate bed bugs in one visit, so they won’t have time to go to your neighbor’s home and surrounding areas. And you get peace of mind knowing that bed bugs will no longer thrive in your kingdom.