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Bed Bug Company’s Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs in NYC

When you need advice, you seek out experts, so don’t waste time on amateurs when it comes to keeping your NYC home bed bug-free. NY Bed Bug Dogs have the answers you need when it comes to bed bug prevention, control, and eradication. These pests may be tiny, but they can cause a host of big problems, which can lead you and your family to live with unnecessary discomfort. Here are some ways you can avoid these sneaky little creatures:

Easy Access

Bed bugs love feeding on humans, and while they’ll enjoy other blood sources when the need arises, humans are one of their favorite meals. Unfortunately, this means that they will try anything to get a fix. One of the problems with bed bugs is, unlike some other pests that seek out specific environments to thrive in, bed bugs can make an appearance in the dirtiest, or cleanest homes. Houses, apartments, dormitories, rentals, or owned properties – it doesn’t matter, bed bugs can carve out their niche. The worst part is, half the time residents have no idea how they got into the home – if they even detect them to begin with. That’s because bed bugs can be easily transported in a range of ways, so even if you don’t have bed bugs in your home, you could go on a trip and bring them back in your luggage or clothing. However you end up with these bugs, they can cause lots of itchy days and nights in your NYC home. That’s something that no one wants.

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Know Where to Look

Having clues about where you might find these pests can help you in determining if you’ve got bed bugs or not. They will hide all over the place, and as they’re pretty tiny, it can be hard to tell if they’re about. All you might have to show for their presence are splotchy red marks on areas exposed while you sleep. Bed bugs love to wriggle their tiny brown bodies under carpets and rugs, in mattress folds, under furniture and in their cracks, and even behind loose wallpaper, paintings, and hanging ornaments. With such a vast area for them to hide until night comes, the thought of dealing with them can seem daunting. That’s why you don’t need to.

Call in the Dogs

If you even suspect that bed bugs might have gotten into your home, call in professionals immediately. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and experts will check all the places that bed bugs love to hide. At NY Bed Bug Dogs, our canine unit is trained to detect bed bugs, and has a success rate of 96% – 98% within a 3-foot radius of where the bed bugs are located. The dogs have gone through hundreds of hours of training with a master canine trainer, and work alongside certified handlers, performing this task daily. That means that to avoid bed bugs, or detect any existing in your home, this method is not only quick, but effective.

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Our company has been a leader in bed bug prevention and control for over 40 years in NYC, and whether you suspect an issue in your residential or commercial property, we guarantee effective, positive results, using environmentally friendly methods.