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How to Get Ready for a Bed Bug Treatment in Brooklyn, NY

A bed bug infestation is not the end of the world—or your home, as you know it. A professional team of bed bug exterminators will rid you of your most pressing problem at the moment and get your Brooklyn, NY, property back on track and bed bug free. Here’s how to get ready for a bed bug treatment:

Effective Treatment

The biggest fear is that you’ll get subpar results from the bed bug exterminator company you hire. This is not a concern with NY Bed Bug Dogs, as we use a proven approach. Cryonite treatment is the most effective method of bed bug removal in our view. Unfortunately, other methods of treatment are not nearly as effective, and all too often lead to bugs simply escaping for awhile and coming back, making those homeowners undergo multiple treatments before seeing definitive results.

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With the cryonite machine, bed bugs are frozen by liquid CO2. It does so by producing a kind of snow—carbon dioxide at -110 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can probably tell from that freezing temperature alone, bed bugs have absolutely no chance against it. It doesn’t matter what stage of life the bed bugs infesting your property are at, they won’t be able to withstand the cold. That’s why cryonite is our number-one choice for application treatment in eliminating your bed bug infestation. However, before we even get started, there needs to be an inspection, so we can determine exactly where your bed bugs are.

How Inspections Work

Before treating your bed bug issue, our highly trained canine squad is on hand to figure out exactly where bed bugs are present in your home or commercial property. For example, within less than two minutes, our dogs can detect bed bug locations in a standard hotel room. That’s faster than human detection by far. On top of this, they are 96%–98% effective at locating these pests and can get you away from “Itchville” by finding the bugs’ hideouts in no time. Their success is due to 800 hours of intense training with a master canine trainer that enables them to detect bed bugs within a three-foot radius of their location. Our canine team works at this job daily. Consistency and regularity breed effective bed bug detection.

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How to Get Ready

Before our certified dog handlers and their canine partners can come in and get to work detecting, there are a few things that you should do. The fewer distractions our dogs have, the quicker they’ll be able to get their job done. Try not to leave out food items in living areas where bed bugs are suspected to be during the inspection—this includes pet food. These areas should also be left as clear as possible so that the dogs and handlers have easy routes as they navigate your rooms. Vacuum or sweep and get rid of anything that might be lingering on the floor including day-to-day debris and food.

You’ll be asked to leave the inspection until the inspection process is completed. Before you go, we ask that you mute or turn down electronic media so that the team can focus completely on the work at hand. Finally, be sure to close windows an hour or more before the inspection time, and don’t forget about the air conditioning—be sure to turn that off, too.