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A Guide to Bed Bug Control in Manhattan, NY, Office Buildings

Just the thought of a bed bug infestation in your Manhattan, NY office building, can be enough to make you throw up your hands in despair. However, the old cliché about knowledge being power applies in this case—when you know what to expect from professional exterminators, you’ll have peace of mind should you encounter a pest problem like this or if you’re already facing one. Here’s a complete guide to bed bug control for your commercial property:

Understanding Bed Bugs

Before getting into the details of bed bug discovery and control, understanding these pests a bit more can help to ease any frustration and worry you’re experiencing. While humans are unfortunately the meal of choice for these tiny, reddish-brown insects, they will feed on four-legged friends, birds, and other animals in a pinch.

At no more than a quarter of an inch long for adults, these tiny pests can cause big problems for commercial property owners. It doesn’t matter if your property is spotless, as bed bugs get around in a variety of ways—finding hidden spots in boxes, bags, furniture, and so on. People utilizing your office building might not even realize they’ve been bitten by bed bugs, as the anticoagulant and analgesic properties of a bed bug bite mean that it could take as long as five days for a victim to notice the results—itching, irritation, or even a serious allergic reaction. Trying to starve them isn’t the answer either, as it can take up to 400-plus days before a bed bug succumbs to starvation.

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Here’s even more “good news”: These parasites’ ability to hide away in crevices, cracks, and similarly tiny spaces increases the difficulty level of not only seeing them with the naked eye but treating them as well. That’s why a dedicated team of experts in the pest control field are necessary to carry out the treatments that will be required for you to have your property completely free of bed bugs.  

Detecting Bed Bugs

If you suspect a bed bug presence in your Manhattan, NY, office building, getting to the root as quickly as possible is paramount. Even if you believe your commercial property is a bed bug-free zone, it’s still good to have an inspection carried out. You want to be sure you are right.

At NY Bed Bug Dogs, we have years of experience servicing your area with the highest quality pest control methods available. To detect bed bugs, our highly trained canine unit gets right to work. Our dogs’ success rate is up to 98 percent within a three-foot radius of areas where bed bugs are hanging out. This means that you won’t waste time or money on substandard methods that don’t get as close to these detection results.

Bed Bug Treatment

Several treatments are usually required to rid commercial and residential properties of a bed bug infestation. As part of our integrated pest management program, you’ll get the latest in treatment with cryonite freezing. This nontoxic treatment method doesn’t stop short when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs at all stages of their development. Bed bugs are frozen—and there’s no coming back from that.

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If you require monthly, bimonthly, or weekly visits, and you are looking for a specially tailored bed bug treatment program that will aid in future prevention, we are the pest control company for you.