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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

Preparing Your Home for Bed Bug Inspection and Bed Bug Treatment in NYC

If you think your NYC home has even one bed bug, it can be natural to panic but you really don’t have to when the bed bug experts are nearby. These facts about bed bugs and how to prepare your home for inspection and treatment can help to take some of the stress out of the situation as you eliminate them from your home. 

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What are Bed Bugs Exactly?

Bed bugs have specific characteristics that set them apart from other bugs. Reddish-brown and wingless, bed bugs can travel into your home on your purse, luggage, backpack, or shoes. They can infest any home regardless of how lavish or clean it might be since sanitation and cleanliness have no bearing on whether they arrive in your home or not.

They feed every 7-10 days with 1-3 bites per feeding and can live for over 400 days with no food. You are unlikely to feel a bed bug bite when it happens as their bite has an analgesic and anti-coagulant to keep you from feeling the bite.

Because it can take up to five days for the itch and swelling to surface that indicates you have been bitten, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when you were bitten. They typically hide in the seams of your mattress, box spring, and bedframe can multiply quickly as they lay multiple eggs daily. They are difficult to see at less than a quarter of an inch long. 

Finding an Effective Solution  

Bed bugs have become a growing problem in large cities and finding an effective solution can be critical to your peace of mind. These pests are frequently pesticide-resistant as a result of the overuse of pesticides to remedy the problem and this is why choosing the Bed Bug Dogs and “Cryonite freezing” can be the different method that you need. 

When the bed bug dogs arrive at your home, they can search an average room to identify bed bugs in less than two minutes. With over 800 hours of training and performing with a certified dog handler, these dogs are 96-98% accurate and they perform bed bug inspections every day. Once bed bugs have been detected, the pest control team has a treatment that can kill these bugs instantly.

A non-toxic, green solution, Cryonite freezing can eliminate bed bugs in all stages of life by rapidly freezing them. Thin layers of frozen CO2, which is naturally occurring in the environment, will fall over the entire room to kill the bugs. Since Cryonite freezing is green and non-toxic, the bed bugs cannot become immune to the treatment.

Preparing for Treatment 

Aside from the effectiveness of the CO2 treatment, the best part of Cryonite freezing just might be that it requires no advance preparation or evacuation from the home. It is safe for use in electrical outlets, sensitive environments, and won’t harm your children or pets. 

It dries completely and is residue-free, meaning there will be no deposits left on your furniture or carpet. In fact, Cryonite freezing is entirely safe and can be used anywhere in your home. 

With a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, if the bed bugs are not gone with the first application, they will return at no charge for another treatment. 

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