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How Safety is Prioritized During Bed Bug Control and Treatment in NYC

While bed bugs are a horrible nuisance that you want to eliminate as quickly as possible, you don’t want to get sick from the treatment. A skilled, reputable bed bug control and treatment service can remove those bugs from your NYC home and keep you safe at the same time. 

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Bed Bug Facts

Bed bugs don’t discriminate and can invade any home regardless of cleanliness and they can reproduce quickly which means you need fast, efficient treatment. Reddish-brown and wingless, they feed on you at night while you are sleeping, leaving small, itchy bumps behind. 

Because they travel in luggage, on purses and shoes, and on backpacks, you can pick them up at the airport, bus terminal, or ride-sharing. Their size is so small that it can be difficult to see them with the naked eye and they reproduce quickly after a blood meal. 

It can be easier to identify them from the debris they leave behind—reddish-brown dead bugs, tiny blood dots, and sometimes a musty odor. Common hiding places can be the seams of the bedframe, carpet seams, cracks of the floor molding, in clothes on the closet floor.  

Unfortunately, they are excellent travelers and can move from room to room on shoes, furniture, through electrical outlets, and underneath doors. 

How a Bed Bug Specialist Keeps You Safe

Protecting you, your home, your family, and your pets is a high priority for a bed bug specialist and that is why they work so hard to practice safety in all areas of the process, from inspection to treatment. Here are the critical ways that they treat the bugs to remove them but keep the focus on safety.

Bed Bug Dogs: These skilled dogs are brought in at the first indication that you could have bed bugs in your home. Able to search an average hotel room in less than 2 minutes, they are crucial to locating the bugs successfully, these dogs have been trained for over 800 hours to locate the bugs to within 98% accuracy. This saves you time and money when identifying the presence of bed bugs. 

No Unnecessary Chemicals: Some services spray whether bed bugs have actually been located or not but the service with the dogs only treats if the presence of bugs has been proven. Even then, they use no chemicals to treat a bug infestation.

Cryonite Freezing: This treatment is completely green and won’t harm people, animals, or the environment. It can be used safely anywhere with no residue left behind and is ideal for sensitive environments but the best news is that it does not require you to evacuate your home during treatment. 

Cryonite Process: Cryonite Freezing is actually frozen CO2 which occurs naturally in the environment. Once the CO2 is frozen, it can be sprayed like a “snow” to freeze the bed bugs to death in all stages of life and because it is a natural substance, it is non-toxic. Bed bugs cannot develop an immunity over time to Cryonite like they can to pesticides so it works every single time.

Because a pest control service understands the stress of having bed bugs in your NYC home, they take the greatest care to remove them safely and with no harm to you or to the environment. 

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