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Why DIY Bed Bug Treatment Doesn’t Work and Why a Bed Bug Exterminator Company Is a Better Bet in Brooklyn NY

There are many things that you can successfully do it yourself, but bed bug removal probably is not one of them. Here is why DIY bed bug treatment for your Brooklyn, NY, home really doesn’t work and why a skilled bed bug exterminator company can be the best and most effective bet. 

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Why Not DIY Bed Bug Treatment? 

For several reasons, DIY bed bug treatment can be a risky endeavor. First, you must purchase the right chemicals to treat the bugs. These can often be hit or miss as there is no guarantee that the first chemicals you bought will work, which means you must return to the store to buy another.

Second, since bed bugs hide in the frame of your bed and box springs and in clothes and other furniture, you must wash all of your clothes in the hottest water and then dry them to try to eliminate the possibility that they are in the clothes. 

Third, all of the bedding must be removed so that you can thoroughly vacuum every square inch of your home, after which you will throw out the vacuum bag and hope the bugs have gone with it. 

Lastly, many DIY treatments must be repeated three times at two-week intervals to ensure eradication. At this point, it can be virtually impossible to know whether the bed bugs are completely gone. 


Why a Bed Bug Exterminator is a Better Bet

Bed bugs do not discriminate and can infest any home, no matter the level of cleanliness. This is why the best and most effective way to identify whether you have bed bugs is to enlist the bed bug dogs.

Bed Bug Dogs: These dogs have over 800 hours of training to sniff out bed bugs no matter the size. Their accuracy is 96-98% precise to within a 3-foot radius, making them indispensable in detecting the bugs. Because they work every day with their handlers looking for bed bugs, they can quickly find the bugs so that you can then get them treated and removed.

Treatment is Green: Protecting you, your family, and your pets is a strict goal for a bed bug exterminator, and this is why they use a green process that won’t harm you or the earth. The DIY method uses chemicals, and you don’t know what that can do to your health. 

What is Cryonite: Cryonite is a non-toxic bed bug treatment that is applied with a machine which freezes naturally occurring carbon dioxide into snow that is -110 degrees. The rapidly cooling CO2 freezes the bugs in all stages right in their tracks. 

Bed bugs cannot become immune to the CO2 like they can pesticides, so it is incredibly useful for eliminating bugs. Best of all, the CO2 is recycled, so it does not emit any additional carbon dioxide into the environment. 

Applied with a state of the art technology by highly trained technicians, cryonite is an extraordinarily safe treatment for bed bug removal. 

Cryonite is the Key: Cryonite is completely safe and non-toxic and can be safely used anywhere, even in electrical outlets and in sensitive environments. Because it does not require the evacuation of the home, the rooms can be immediately reoccupied.


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