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4 Methods a Bed Bug Exterminator Might Use, and Which Is Best in Manhattan NYC

No one wants bed bugs but unfortunately they can unknowingly follow you home. Getting rid of them quickly can be a high priority but how do you know which method is the most successful? These are some methods that a bed bug exterminator might use to rid your  Manhattan, NYC, home of this pest. 

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Heat Treatments

The whole room heat treatment usually involves the pest control professional bringing a specialized piece of equipment that can raise the temperature of your room to between 135-145 degrees. Because bed bugs cannot survive high heat temperatures, they will typically die in the 6-8 hour treatment. 

Pets need to be removed from the home as does anything that will melt at a high heat. Following the heat treatment, insecticide must be placed along the border of the room to prevent reinfection. Bed bugs will return if proper precautions are not taken to prevent them.


Insecticide Treatments 

An insecticide treatment should consist of several types of insecticides to be fully addressed. It can take up to 3 to 4 treatments to completely eliminate the bugs as all bed bugs may not be killed in the first treatment. Keep in mind that pesticides can be toxic so plan accordingly to keep your pets and family safe. 

Preparing your home properly can have a big impact on the success of the treatment as not correctly preparing your home can reduce the effectiveness of the application. Taking up to three hours to apply, the insecticide method must dry entirely before you may return home. 


Self Insecticide Treatment 

Most professional pest control services will strongly discourage you from trying to treat these bugs on your own as the pesticides that you can buy over the counter will not eliminate these pesky bugs from your home. You will be spending money on products that won’t work the way you need them to and you will still be left with bed bugs. 


Cryonite Freezing 

The pest control specialist will come into your home with bug sniffing dogs who are 96-98% accurate in bed bug detection. In this way the specialist and you can be certain that this is the problem for treatment. Certified and highly trained, these dogs and their handlers perform many inspections every day, ensuring their accuracy. 

After the inspection, the pest service will spray Cryonite, a safe, non-toxic treatment that eliminates bed bugs in all stages with one application. Cryonite can be used anywhere and is residue-free. You don’t need to remove your pets or your family as it does not require evacuation since it is completely non-toxic. 

Thin layers of naturally occurring CO2 (a recycled carbon dioxide snow) are applied to the affected areas within your home and will usually resolve the bed bug issue. The CO2 can be used in electrical outlets where bed bugs love to lurk and is safe for the most sensitive environments. 


When you suspect bed bugs in your home because of the tiny spots on your sheets and the itchy, red welts on your arms and shoulders, having to wait for several treatments to rid your Manhattan, NYC, home of these pests can be a nightmare. An application of CO2 “snow” can mean that you have a bug-free home in the safest, quickest way possible. 


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