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How Many Bed Bug Exterminator Treatments Are Necessary for My Nassau County, NY, Residence?

The unfortunate fact is that bed bugs are resilient and have become resistant to some traditional ways of treating for them. This has led to some homeowners having to endure the frustrating experience of undergoing more than one call to the bed bug exterminator and more than one treatment method. If you’re wondering how many bed bug treatments by the exterminator are necessary for your Nassau County, NY, residence, you will want to choose the tried-and-true way of ridding your home of the problem once and for all—so that only one visit by the exterminator is necessary. 

Chemical Treatments

Since there are over 300 EPA-approved chemical products available for use for bed bug extermination, not all exterminators offer the exact same approach. It can take over an hour to treat a room this way but it may not be overly effective at treating all stages of the bed bug’s life cycle. It may turn out that the eggs are spared during a chemical treatment, and you will get stuck with the same problem once those eggs hatch. This would require at least one follow-up treatment at a minimum to get at those bugs.

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Steam and Heat Treatment Options

Steam treatments, or using heat to treat bed bugs, is another option. This known for not only targeting the adult bed bugs but for killing the eggs too. Steam can reach equally into openings and crevices, to penetrate deep beneath the surface, and it can be used in and around areas where chemical treatments may not be advised or permitted. Steam applied directly to a bed bug will be lethal in as little as 30 seconds, but will need to applied consistently in each room. This process could take awhile. This method has its own share of issues as some bed bugs are known to survive the process. Depending on your exact bed bug issue, it may be necessary to have a follow-up treatment for preventative measures.

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Cryonite Freezing Method

The increasing presence of bed bugs nationwide, especially in New York, has created a pressing urgency for more effective, once-treatment-and-you’re-done solutions. Freezing bed bugs is such a solution. Although bed bugs are tolerant to various temperatures conditions they cannot survive freezing temps. The Cryonite freezing method has proven to be highly effective and quick. The process involves the use of a Cryonite machines that use carbon dioxide to generate what is similar to tiny particles of snow. These ice particles are so cold that they will kill bed bugs on contact, but are virtually harmless to other surfaces. This technique offers an efficient way to kill the bugs fast—and companies that use it stand by their methods so much that they offer a promise to come back if the bugs return. That’s unlikely to happen though as Cryonite freezing kills bugs at all stages of life—so that you can return to living your life without worrying about itchy pests.

Not sure if you have a bed bug problem or something else? Call in the bed bug dogs to sniff the crevices of your Nassau County, NY, residence, and we’ll come up with a one-treatment plan if bed bugs are indeed living in your home.