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8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bed Bug Company in NYC

Whether you own or manage numerous properties or you are a homeowner concerned about a teeny-tiny pest problem, deciding which bed bug company to hire can be challenging. With so much information out there, the answers to your bed bug problem can seem overwhelming at first. When it comes to the safety of your loved ones or guests, it is crucial to be diligent in your search for the right bed bug company. Here are eight questions to ask as you go about hiring a bed bug company in NYC.

1. Is the company licensed and Insured?

A reputable and trustworthy company will be licensed and insured. After all, they will be entering your residence or property for the purpose of inspecting the entire area. 

2. Do you have references?

If the company you are thinking about hiring is honest, reliable, and respectable, they will have no issue with providing you references. Getting firsthand feedback can be an invaluable resource.

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3. Do the bed bug dogs know what they’re doing?

When it comes time to send in the dogs to see whether you do indeed have a bed bug problem and where that problem is located exactly, you will naturally want to know that the dogs have experience. Highly trained over the course of hundreds of hours, the dogs have amazing sniffing sense and experience to locate the tiny bugs that are bothering you.

4. How many hours of training have the bed bug dogs gone through?

It makes sense to ask about the training the dogs have undertaken. At NY Bed Bug Dogs, the answer is 800 hours of detection training.

5. How accurate is the bed bug dog?

The purpose of using a dog for the detection of bed bugs is for their impeccable accuracy. You will want to know that they are between 96% to 98% effective in finding where your bed bugs are hiding—within a 3 foot radius.

6. How does it work?

This question serves two purposes. A well trained and experienced bed bug company will have a lot of knowledge and should be able to answer any questions you have. This will help you determine the credibility of their treatment plan. This information will also help you prepare for and understand what you are up against.  

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7. If you do find bed bugs, how are you going to treat them?

This is another way to judge whether the bed bug company you are interviewing is truly legit and what they have to offer you. In fact, make sure the company has a proven treatment plan that will rid you of your bed bug problem. A guarantee will give you peace of mind that your bed bug problem will be solved effectively.

Cryonite freezing involves a special machine for freezing bed bugs right in their tracks, no matter where they are in their lifecycle. It’s nontoxic and highly effective.

8. How is your customer service team?

Customer service should be a top priority for you and the team you hire. Someone should be available anytime before, during and most importantly, after the process to answer any questions or concerns you have.