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3 Reasons Why Your Cruise Liner Needs a Bed Bug Exterminator in NYC

Bed bug infestations continue to be a big problem, and cruise ships are not immune to it. Bed bugs are known to be savvy travelers, taking rides on bags when people go from place to place, so they do pose a risk to cruise ship companies if precautions aren’t taken. Similar to hotels and apartments, cruise ships house thousands of people in one place who are coming from different areas and environments. So you’ll want to read on for the reasons why your cruise liner needs a bed bug exterminator in NYC.

Preserve Your Cruise Liner’s Reputation

A cruise liner’s reputation is one of its most important attributes—and a problem on board can extend to the far reaches of the globe if an itchy passenger decides to post a critical review online. The unfortunate truth for the cruise liner industry is that the negative reviews and experiences are the ones that can have the most impact on potential customers. Why? It is expected that a cruise ship will be fun, relaxing, entertaining, and memorable. Potential customers are going to be attracted to the cruise liners with the least negative reviews. 

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Minimize Liability Risk

Reputation is only the beginning. Lawsuits over bed bugs are consuming the time of hospitality companies, including a recent lawsuit against a cruise ship company. While the customers suing have a hard time proving where there bed bug problem originated, these suits can become a PR nightmare for any company named. A lawsuit means negative exposure, legal fees, and the need to set aside compensation if the suit goes far enough. The company may need to provide reimbursement for medical expenses and personal property, as well as reimbursement for fares and on-board credit or upgrades.

Avoid Down Time

A bed bug infestation means down time in most cases. The cruise liner will have to be treated properly. Depending on the specific bed bug issue, there may be more than one treatment method recommended. After all, bed bugs are becoming more resistant to the industry common treatment options known. This is especially true for the cruise liner industry because cruise liners are going to be susceptible to bed bugs from many different areas and parts of the world. Down time creates revenue issues and even further exposure to expenses related to the treatment, cleaning, preparing the liner for passengers.

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How to Hire the Right Bed Bug Exterminator

Having a bed bug exterminator will ensure optimal protection against unwanted blood-sucking passengers. The right exterminator will be able to provide a money back guarantee, offer environmentally safe treatment options, and perform the task of eradication quickly and effectively. The bed bug exterminator you hire should be able to adequately and precisely track down all of the areas with bed bug activity and do so with reliability. 

Highly trained dogs can root out the problem in a pinch. Bed bug dogs are one of the most effective methods for bed bug detection. In fact, they can have up to a 98% accuracy rate. Pair precise bed bug detection with top-of-the-line treatment options from a reputable bed bug exterminator to make sure that bed bugs don’t become the main topic of passenger reviews.