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Green Bed bug Treatment Options in Brooklyn, NY

When you start looking into your bed bug treatment options for your Brooklyn, NY, property, you will quickly discover that bed bugs are indiscriminate when finding where they want to live. They will seek shelter anywhere they can find an abundance of food—meaning human blood—that is easily accessible. This could be in schools, nursing homes, cruise liners, hotels, dormitories, and other highly populated areas with shared and communal spaces. Any of these places hold the risk for bed bug exposure. When you find out you have a bed bug problem, you may want to know how to treat for it safely and in an environmentally friendly way. A green bed bug treatment option for your property could be the answer you have been seeking.

Green Bed Bug Treatment

“Going green” in industry lingo typically refers to the minimal use of chemical approaches and opting instead for environmentally friendly products that have minimal, if any, impact on the environment and are considered safe for humans and pests. With the ever growing concern for environmental impacts from harmful chemicals and toxins, having green methods of treatment was an industry game changer. Now we have a solution that is absolutely safe and non-toxic. It can be offered to offer facilities that are sensitive to chemical use like hospitals or where small children are present such as daycares, as an effective method for treating and preventing bed bug infestations.

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Focusing on Green

A priority when being as safe as possible for bed bug treatments is first confirming whether a property does indeed have a bed bug problem. Highly trained bed bug sniffing dogs will first need to determine if bed bugs are lurking, and only when your bed bug exterminators knows for sure you have a problem will a treatment plan be devised.

Cryonite freezing is a nontoxic and fairly new pest control option for killing bed bugs. This works incredibly well against pesticide-resistant bed bugs and in settings where machinery and other items could be negatively impacted by extreme heat or chemical applications. The process uses a machine that sprays CO2 at such a cold temperature it produces dry ice snow that freezes the bed bugs upon contact. This method is effective at killing bed bugs at each and every stage of life, even bed bug eggs.

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The issue with more traditional chemical treatments is today’s bed bugs have evolved to be greatly resistant to them. Eradicating your bed bug problem requires a more modern approach, and for the safety of those living things that live within your residence or commercial property, you will want to avoid having chemicals that linger and leave a residue. Even then, you will want to ensure that any products used are considered both environmentally friendly and safe for humans. 

Cryonite does not leave a residue. It’s dry and can be even be used in electrical outlets—a place that bed bugs are known to effectively hide. One of the only ways their presence becomes known in such outlets is through the discerning nose of a highly trained bed bug dog. Call in the dogs today if you suspect you need bed bug treatment.