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Why Seniors May Have Special Needs When It Comes to Bed Bug Service in the Bronx, NY

Nobody likes to discover that they’ve got a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are gross, they can bite, and they make people feel unclean when they’re around. Senior citizens can be especially affected by bed bugs, which is why it’s important to act quickly to get bed bug service if there’s a sign of the tiny pests in your Bronx, NY, residence.

Health Issues

Bed bugs can bite, and although they themselves don’t pose a serious health risk, their presence can be a major issue for the older population. Many seniors have other health problems, and dealing with insect bites can cause additional pain and suffering. Seniors have more sensitive skin and weaker immune systems, which means they tend to experience more pain or damage to the skin than a healthier, younger person. Bed bugs are known to sometimes take a bite in sensitive areas, like the head, face, or neck, causing unsightly welts.

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Another reason that bed bugs cause health issues for seniors is that by nature they are parasitic, and feed on human blood. Because many seniors are already immunologically vulnerable, bed bugs feeding on their blood can make them even weaker. This can exacerbate any underlying issues and worsen existing conditions. It can also produce a lot of stress, and cause the person suffering to lose sleep.

Stress and lack of sleep can produce immune responses even in healthy people, so it can be especially dangerous for seniors. Although it is rare, more severe reactions to bed bug bites can occur, and can even affect the heart rate, a dangerous prospect for older people.

Underlying Problems

For seniors residing in assisted living facilities, the presence of bed bugs can indicate some underlying issues. Bed bugs may indicate an unclean environment if the people living and working among the infested bedding, carpets, and furniture took a long time to notice there is a problem.

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As always, an unclean environment can lead to a host of health complications, especially for those with compromised immune systems. It’s important to recognize these issues right away and begin to make the necessary changes. Flourishing bed bugs can also present a liability issue for commercial properties housing seniors.

Sensitivity to Pesticides

For a long time, the common treatment for bed bugs was strong, harsh pesticides that were not safe for senior citizens. For this reason, cryonite freezing is a much preferred method for safely treating bed bug infestations in senior homes, facilities, and private residences. Our dogs will first sniff out and pinpoint the exact location of the bed bugs and their breeding grounds.

Once it’s determined where the bed bugs are spending their time, our trained specialists can discreetly come in and treat these affected areas. This method does not leave any residues or harsh chemical smell behind. The bed bugs and their eggs are frozen to the point of destruction, guaranteed. Not only is this the most effective method of bed bug removal, it’s also one of the safest.

If you are a senior citizen or oversee the care of seniors, it’s important to act quickly once you know there are bed bugs present. Call today to have our bed bug dogs over to assess the situation.