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Bed Bug Control and Inspection on Public Transportation in NYC

Public transportation is a convenience that some people take for granted because it is so accessible in NYC. But sometimes a quick trip can end with bus or subway riders taking home unwanted bed bugs. Busy, crowded buses and trains, including those that have the kind of fabric-lined seats that bed bugs love, can harbor these bugs, but this problem is avoidable. Here is how bed bug control and inspection works effectively for public transportation.

Where They are Found

Reports of bed bugs hiding in fabric seats have been a concern of public transportation riders. It’s a risk that’s possible on buses, taxis and even Uber rides. Because bed bugs can live for up to a year without eating, fabric seats that experience heavy use can be the perfect place for them to lurk. They can transfer from the clothes of travelers to the nooks and crannies of bus seats and walls that have loose fabric coverings. Since bed bugs are so small, it is virtually impossible to detect them with the naked eye.

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What You Can Do

The first step to preventing bed bugs from infesting public transportation is early detection. NY Bed Bug Dogs employs highly trained dogs that can pinpoint bed bug infestation within minutes. Working alongside expert handlers, these dogs are accurate 98% of the time in identifying if there are bugs.

For those managing and running transportation services, these dogs will save you time and the potential loss of money from a vehicle that has to be out of service. Moreover, using the services that NY Bed Bug Dogs offers can keep costly negative publicity from occurring. With the heavy use of social media, all it takes is one posting of bed bugs to bring unwanted attention to a bus line. Proactive awareness can decrease the chances that your riders will take any unwanted critters home with them. Bed bugs are not picky and will hitchhike with anyone.

Bed Bug Treatment

NY Bed Bug Dogs has targeted, effective treatment to remove those critters once and for all. After detection by the bed bug sniffing dogs, NY Bed Bug Dogs can tailor a comprehensive prevention program specifically for your organization’s needs. Setting up regular screenings of your vehicles can keep your transportation fleet running with no downtime from bug problems.

If bed bugs are identified, NY Bed Bug Dogs uses an integrated application of environmentally safe products, coupled with accurate Cryonite freezing technology, carried out by technicians who will get the job done safely and efficiently. Reassuring your riders that your company only applies green products to keep bed bugs from getting a free ride on public transportation can be a great way to build public confidence in your organization. Because Bed Bug Dogs stays on top of the newest technology, you can rest easy that the bed bug problem will be eliminated with the latest methods and discreet application.

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Reliable bed bug control and inspection experts who have been extensively trained to handle unwanted bed bugs are highly efficient and effective. With weekly, bimonthly, or monthly inspections, you can assure your riders that the best efforts are being made to keep any unwanted bed bugs from infesting your transportation service.