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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

Why Bed Bug Dogs Values Safe and Environmentally Friendly Treatments in All of Our Services in Brooklyn, NY

If you suspect you have bed bugs in your Brooklyn, NY, home, the common response is to panic. But there are safe and highly effective ways to rid your home of these bugs. Choose a company that uses bed bug dogs to sniff out the bugs and then uses safe and environmentally friendly treatments to make you feel comfortable in your home again.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

As the stories go, we can trace our problems with bed bugs to when colonists came to the New World. As the new country grew and the population multiplied, travelers who stayed in hotels, on ships, and on railroads would pull the beds away from the wall and douse the bed legs with oil to prevent the bugs from traveling upward.

In the early 20th century, these bugs were in many homes, from the rich to the poor. Pesticides that were being used to kill cockroaches also killed the bed bugs. Then something happened to eliminate the bugs but no one really knew what killed them. By the mid-1950s, exterminators realized that the DDT, a strong chemical that is known to accumulate in the fatty tissues of humans and cause many types of cancers, was also killing the bed bugs. Because of its harmful effects on the health of the population, the government outlawed DDT. 

In the mid-1990s, bed bugs reappeared largely because so many people were traveling more for both work and pleasure. The pesky, resistant bugs had to eliminated, but without the strong DDT. 

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How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are the ultimate travelers, attaching to luggage, backpacks, and furniture. When you stay at a hotel or motel, the bugs can crawl into luggage and find their way into your home on the clothes inside. They can attach to backpacks and purses, especially those made of fabric. And they can reside in the cracks of second-hand fabric furniture. 

Once they are in your home, they can travel from room to room along the baseboards, through electrical outlets, and on furniture that is moved from one room to another. If you live in a multi-tenant dwelling, they can travel from apartment to apartment through similar methods. Once they are there, they find their way to your bed where they come out to feed at night. 

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An Environmentally Friendly Treatment 

Your local exterminator has a ground-breaking treatment called “Cryonite” freezing as part of its integrated pest management strategy. We first bring in highly trained bed bug dogs, accompanied by qualified handlers, that can sniff every nook and cranny of your Brooklyn, NY, home in a matter of minutes. These dogs are 96%-98% accurate in identifying the location of the bed bugs.

Once the bed bugs have been found, the exterminator comes in with the Cryonite freezing machine that sprays carbon dioxide “snow” over the entire area. This snow freezes bed bugs in their tracks at any stage, from egg to adult. 

The snow is safe and non-toxic to animals and humans. It has been proven to be effective in ridding a home of bed bugs time after time, and it uses no pesticides of any kind. Bed bugs today have proven to be pesticide resistant, but they cannot survive the freezing process.

If you want an effective bed bug removal system for your home that is both environmentally and people friendly, consult your local exterminator to see what their dogs and Cryonite freezing process can do to help you.