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The Risks of Not Hiring a Reliable and Effective Bed Bug Company in NYC

If you think you might have bed bugs in your home, you want to know that any treatment to get them out of your life will be effective. To protect your family and your pets, hire a reliable and proven bed bug removal company to treat the bugs in your NYC home.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are fantastic travelers, as they can hitch a ride on public buses where they nestle in the cracks and crevices of the fabric seats. They can travel in the fabric of a shared ride like Uber or Lyft and on the suitcases of travelers. When you place your backpack or travel bag on the floor in an infested room, the bed bugs can find their way into and on the bags and then leave with you. 

Once you arrive home, they can leave those bags and luggage to make a home in the cracks of the walls, a mattress, fabric-covered furniture, and closets. In multi-tenant buildings that are common in the city, bed bugs can travel from one unit to the next through electrical outlets and tiny crevices in the walls.

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Risks of Bed Bugs

While they do not transmit disease, bed bugs can cause a lot of distress from the itchiness of the bites. It is also very stressful knowing that when you go to bed, the bugs can come out to bite your exposed arms and shoulders.  In addition, they can cause respiratory problems for people who are allergic to their shed skin that can float in the air. This can be especially true for older and younger people.

Why You Can’t Ignore Bed Bugs

Not treating bed bugs means that the population has the opportunity to multiply. The longer you wait to treat the bugs, or try to treat them with at-home remedies, the greater risk of them spreading to other parts of your home and into other connected units. 

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Relying on an Effective Bed Bug Company 

An effective bed bug exterminator can bring in bed bug sniffing dogs, which are highly trained and have a 96-98% detection accuracy rate. These dogs can sniff out bed bugs in a matter of minutes as they investigate every nook and cranny of your NYC home. Accompanied by a certified dog handler, the bed bug dogs are extremely reliable.

Once the source of the bed bugs has been detected, the exterminator will use a process called “Cryonite” freezing. This green process is non-toxic to you, your pets, and to the environment. A Cryonite machine emits carbon dioxide snow that rapidly freezes the bed bugs in their tracks no matter where they are hiding. 

Since bed bugs don’t discriminate and can find their way into the cleanest of homes, removing them quickly and completely is the only option. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee from your bed bug extermination company, you can rest easy when nighttime comes that you will not have to wake up with tiny, itchy, red bites on your arms. And if the bed bug problem requires more than one treatment, that is no problem for an expert exterminator. 

With fast, reliable technicians and a “green” freezing process that is proven to eliminate these bugs, you will know that your home is finally bed bug free.