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What to Expect From a Visit by the Bed Bug Exterminator in Manhattan, NY

When you suspect bed bugs in your Manhattan, NY, home, it can be frightening and uncertain. Immediate service from a bed bug exterminator can ease your mind and here is what to expect.

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Bed Bugs 101

Small, brown bugs about the size of a pin head, bed bugs can cause some big problems in your home. They feed off of the blood of humans and typically bite your arms and shoulders that are exposed when you sleep. You can see the evidence in the tiny bites on your body, as well as the small dots of blood left on the bottom sheet and mattress. 

If you look carefully, you might see their shells that have been shed in the cracks and crevices of the bed frame and base. Another favorite location for them to lurk is in closets where there are clothes and shoes crowding the floor. 

What to Expect Before the Visit

The bed bug exterminator will most likely ask you to clear all of the clutter from the edges of the walls and the floor. It can be a good idea to wash all of the clothing in hot water to aid in removing all of the bugs from your home. Pick up the shoes from the floor and remove from the closet so that the treatment can penetrate all of the areas where the bugs might be hiding. 

What to Expect During a Visit

The bed bug exterminator will arrive at your home discreetly with the bug sniffing dogs. Man’s best friend is one of the best weapons against these annoying pests. Trained for over 800 hours by a master trainer, these dogs can detect bed bugs within a 3 foot radius and are 96-98% accurate. 

Once the dogs have pinpointed the bed bugs, the exterminator can bring in the “Cryonite” freezing. This treatment method can be the most successful as bed bugs have become immune to the pesticides that are frequently used. 

Cryonite freezing consists of liquid CO2 which can freeze the bugs in all stages of development—it is impossible for them to survive the process. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, this carbon dioxide “snow” will freeze the bed bugs to -110 degrees without damaging your furniture, clothes, or any belongings in your home.

What to Expect After a Visit

Bed bug treatments can require more than one application to eradicate the bugs. The treatment team stays on top of the situation until every last bed bug is dead. This state-of-the- art method can bring back the comfort and security that you should feel when you are in your home. 

With phone lines that are open 16 hours out of the day and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be assured of environmentally safe and effective treatment solutions. You can count on a fast, discreet response from highly trained technicians who can get to the bottom of your problem with no delay. 

Cryonite freezing can be the solution that you need to get rid of the bed bugs that are plaguing your home. Because they cannot become immune to the freezing over time like they can to traditional pesticides, bed bugs can’t escape this state-of-the-art treatment for your Manhattan, NY, home and family. 

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