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Hear From a Bed Bug Exterminator: Why Get Rid of Bed Bugs in NYC?

Just thinking you might have bed bugs in your NYC home can spark fear in your heart, but how can you know for sure? A bed bug exterminator can evaluate your space for bed bug infestation and any other pest problem you might have and bring a solution that rids your home of these dreaded insects. 

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How to Identify a Bed Bug

Hiding in the warm spaces of the bed frame, cracks and crevices of furniture, and crumpled up clothes at the bottom of the closet, bed bugs are tiny, brown insects that feed off the blood of humans. From 2-5 millimeters in length, bed bugs are visible to the human eye but only barely. 

What is visible is the trail they leave behind. From bites on your arms and shoulders to little brown spots on the mattress to the tiny shells they can leave behind, bed bugs will leave a trail that gives clues to their existence in your home.

They Multiply Quickly

Like most pests, bed bugs multiply quickly if left unchecked and can be quite difficult to eliminate once their numbers are so large. This is why it can be wise to have an exterminator confirm whether your suspicions are correct as soon as you think you have a problem.

Bed bugs can lay up to 10 eggs per day. Multiplied by a number of bugs and you can have a serious infestation before you even realize what is happening. Their food source is unfortunately you and so they feed while you are asleep. Left unchecked, this cycle can repeat itself every night to increase the number of bed bugs until they are spread all over the house.

Do They Prefer a Dirty Environment?

Contrary to what you might believe, bed bugs do not prefer a dirty house over a clean one—they don’t discriminate. What they do prefer is clutter, so if you have clothes on the floor of your closet, things stacked up high around the walls, messes left behind, these are the places they will find to hide during the day. 

What Should You Do About These Bugs?

The most critical step you can take is to call an expert as trying to remove all of these pests yourself is rarely successful, and then you will have spent a lot of money only to have to call in an expert. 

Bring in the Dogs: Bed bug dogs can be the secret weapon that you need against these bugs. Trained by master canine handlers for over 800 hours, these dogs can identify the source of bed bugs with 96-98% accuracy. In every nook and cranny, they can detect even one bed bug. Because they perform bed bugs detections daily, they are efficient and effective at locating the bugs quickly so that treatment can begin right away. 

Use the Cryonite Freezing: Over time bed bugs have become resistant to the traditional pesticides used to eliminate them. This calls for something new—cryonite freezing. 

Cryonite freezing is an environmentally safe carbon dioxide “snow” that freezes these bugs dead in their tracks no matter where they are hiding. The bed bugs can never become immune to the solution because they cannot survive the non-toxic freezing—ever!

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