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How to Choose the Right Bed Bug Company in Hicksville, NY

If you think that your Hicksville, NY, home might have a bed bug infestation, you don’t want to hire just any bed bug company to take care of the problem. You want to hire a company that will work effectively and efficiently and get the job done. Here are some ways to ensure that you hire the right bed bug company and get back to living a bed bug-free life. 

Experience and Credentials

Any reputable exterminator will have the proper credentials and proper level of experience. You will want to ask how long they have they been in the business and what specific training, education, or experience levels the company’s employees have. Any experienced bed bug company will readily provide proof of a pest control operator license. 

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It is important to find out the exact technique the bed bug company will be implementing. Make sure they are using some kind of integrated approach. More than one technique should always be used when battling bed bugs. It is also important to know how long the treatment might take in order to be successful. What is the success rate? A thorough explanation of the technique and its time frame should be explained to you. 


Inspection method is just as important as technique. Even if you have already found evidence of bed bugs, a professional will do a thorough inspection not only to find evidence of infestation, but also to determine the degree of infestation. It is important to find out what inspection method they employ and whether they use the same method for all homes. Ask to not only see evidence of the infestation, but to be shown evidence of the degree of infestation.


It is imperative that safety precautions be clearly explained and addressed before the procedure is executed. If chemicals are necessary to stop a bed bug infestation, you want to make sure that the lowest levels of chemicals are being applied and that this is the most ecologically friendly solution available. This will minimize any potential risk to health. Make sure safety precautions are discussed, and that you have received a list of all pesticides being used, along with their potential safety hazard, before the application of any chemicals. The bed bug company should emphasize the potential hazards to pets, children, and pregnant woman, and safety protocol should be explained and insisted upon.

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Contract and Cost

The company should provide a written agreement containing the extent of the bed bug problem, a list of all pesticides applied, the dates of all applications, and potential hazards to children, pets, and pregnant women. Any information regarding guarantees should be clearly explained and be included in the contract. A good exterminator will be upfront about the cost and an itemized quote should be provided. As multiple treatments are typically required, the cost of each subsequent treatment should be quoted up-front. The intervals between treatments should be stated on the contract, as well. 

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