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6 Signs of Bed Bugs on a Mattress in Valley Stream, NY

The sooner you identify and eradicate an infestation of bed bugs in Valley Stream NY, the simpler the entire process. You should, therefore, keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs of bed bug invasion. Consider opting for light-colored bedding as these signs are often difficult to see on dark sheets. Here are 6 signs that your bed is infested with bed bugs:

Rust-colored stains

Red or rust-colored stains, smears or streaks are reliable indicators of the presence of bed bugs in a mattress. These stains are easy to spot, but are, unfortunately, often dismissed. These blood stains are created when you unwittingly crush bed bugs in your sleep. Bear in mind that spots like these can also be created by other factors, like scratching mosquito bites in your sleep. You should, therefore, look out for one of the following indicators to confirm your suspicions.  

Bed bug excrement

Dark stains, resembling the marks made by felt tip pens, indicate the presence of fecal matter that is bleeding into the fabric of your bed sheets. To confirm whether these stains are, in fact, caused by the feces of bed bugs, use a wet rag to wipe them away. If they smear, they have most likely been created by bed bug fecal matter. In addition to your bed sheets, these stains can typically be found along mattress seams. 

Eggs and eggshells

Bed bug eggs are shaped like tiny grains of rice and are translucent or pearly white in color, coated in a shiny film that allows them to stick to surfaces. Empty eggshells are less shiny and appear deflated. While the eggs are generally visible to the naked eye, a magnifying glass will help you to confirm your suspicions and determine whether they have already hatched. The eggs can usually be found on fabric and other rough surfaces, and are hardly ever found on materials like plastic and metal. 

Shed skin 

After a bed bug hatches from its egg, it starts its life cycle as a nymph. As it matures, it sheds its exoskeleton a total of five times. These shed exoskeletons are clear and resemble the shape of an adult bed bug. Shed skin can generally be found in common hideout spots, including wooden furniture and framing, box springs, and mattresses. 

Adult bed bugs

Adult bed bugs are flat, oval-shaped and brown. When fed, they become red and swollen with blood. At this stage, they are approximately the size of an apple seed. Spotting an adult bed bug with your own eyes is certainly the gold standard when trying to determine whether your mattress is infested. However, this is not always possible as bed bugs are nocturnal and feed strategically at times when you are most likely to be asleep. 

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A strange scent

A bed bug infestation is often accompanied by a musty, offensive smell. This is brought about by their scent glands, which release alarming pheromones in the presence of danger or disturbance. If the number of bed bugs in your home has risen to the point where this musty smell is detectable, then you can be certain that you have a severe infestation on your hands and should call a professional in immediately. To catch the odor before it becomes noticeable and track down a suspected bed bug infestation, you can employ the trained noses of NY Bed Bug Dogs.