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How an Exterminator Can Keep Your Children Safe from Bed Bug Bites in Brooklyn, NY

Your child’s room is the last place you want to find bedbugs. Here are some ways that an exterminator can help keep this part of your Brooklyn, NY, home free of bed bugs.

Accurately Locating the Bed Bugs

When dealing with bed bugs, it is easy to underestimate the infestation size and duration. This is why accurately locating the bed bugs is essential for your child’s room as well as the rest of the house. When doing this, exterminators usually use their experience and vast prior knowledge to pinpoint where the bed bugs are hiding. Sometimes the infestation can slip under the radar and requires a more diligent search. In the case of a child’s bedroom, there are often more nooks and crannies for these tiny insects to hide – bookshelves, toy boxes, and dollhouses all provide possible havens for bed bugs.This is why using trained sniffing dogs can greatly increase the accuracy of the search and pinpoint the source of your bed bug problem. Bed bugs can crawl into and attach themselves to items around your home, so even though the majority of the infestation might appear to be in your child’s room, they could be hiding in laundry rooms and other parts of your home too. In addition to locating the source, NY Bed Bug Dogs ensures that the threat of infestation is entirely removed from the home using non-harmful methods.

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Non-Toxic Extermination Methods

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly immune to pesticides. Chemicals used 20 years ago to kill bed bugs may not stand a chance against today’s bugs. One thing that hasn’t changed is that they are unable to live when exposed to extremely cold temperatures. The process of extermination using cold temperatures is called Cryonite Freezing. Cryonite Freezing is extremely low temperature CO2 that is blanketed across the infested area leaving a “snow”. This technique is extremely environmentally friendly since it uses recycled CO2 which doesn’t add any extra CO2 to the atmosphere. This way you can rest assured knowing that harmful chemicals were not used on any of your child’s possessions.

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Speed of Extermination

After properly identifying a bed bug infestation, it’s a race against time to keep the bed bugs from reproducing. There’s no time to waste with DIY treatments and outdated pesticides. A NY Bed Bug Dogs professional has the necessary equipment to exterminate the infestation as soon as possible. Since bed bugs do reproduce quite quickly, there are some things to keep in mind when waiting for the exterminators to arrive. Place all infested items inside the infested room and close the door. It’s important not to attempt to wash the infested items as you risk spreading bed bugs around your home. If the infestation has spread to multiple rooms, don’t worry. The trained canines will sniff out the infestation in all areas of your home with 96 percent accuracy. Exterminators understand the the urgency of an infestation and that’s why they have tools and equipment that far surpass DIY treatments. By dealing with an infestation swiftly, you can protect your family against the discomfort and risk of disease that bed bugs bring with them.