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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

4 Things to Know Before Bed Bug Control in Your Manhattan, NY, Building

It can be tough to be patient when you have a bed bug problem in your Manhattan, NY, home. As you wait for the bed bug control service to arrive and rid your home of the pesky pets, you can take a few precautions to avoid letting the problem get any worse.

Don’t Rearrange Furniture

When preparing your furniture for bed bug control, the best thing you can do is actually nothing. A common problem occurs when a homeowner moves a piece of furniture anticipating bed bug control services and assuming that moving things around will help the exterminator get to the bed bugs easier. It’s a nice thought but you could inadvertently move the bed bugs into another room, spreading the problem, or prompting them to go somewhere else. The exterminator will want to know where you have seen evidence of the bugs, so it’s best to leave things be until help arrives.

Don’t Worry About Your Stuff

It’s tempting to throw everything you own that’s mobile into the washing machine or lug it all down to the dry cleaner. But that’s an extra step that’s not necessary ahead of the bed bug control service and that could in fact spread your problem in the meantime. When you hire an experienced bed bug control company that uses cryonite freezing to rid you of the unwanted pests, you can feel confident that the bed bug problem will be contained and addressed in one treatment. It’s a non-topic approach that eliminates the need to pack and seal your things before the experts arrive.

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Make Accommodations for Pets, Humans

Let the bed bug sniffing dogs do their work and for treatment to commence as smoothly as possible. This means finding a place for you and your pets to go when treatment will be underway. You’ll also want to put any pet food away so that the our dogs aren’t distracted when they arrive (they’re focused on their job—but the smell of food may be too tempting!).  Treatment doesn’t take too long, and you can return to your home safely soon after.

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Clean Clutter Around the Home

As mentioned, moving furniture does more harm than good, but you don’t want to leave things around that can be easily tripped over or that could disrupt the bed bug control service. Unlike the more traditional yet less effective methods of eliminating bed bugs, our service does not involve a lot of preparation on your part. We do ask that food is sealed, and it’s also helpful to clean up any garbage ahead of time. Your possessions will be safe from our treatment, including books, clothing, and bedding.

We do ask that your turn down electronic media and close your windows before you leave and we begin treatment. These small steps make our work easier and effective.

Fortunately, your bed bug problem will be over once we leave. You can return to your home and use your things just as you always have. With cryonite freezing, there’s no worry about toxicity unlike the kind of worries you would have with insecticide treatments. Moreover, bed bugs have been known to build up resistance to insecticides—that’s not something that is a concern with cryonite freezing, which kills the bugs and larvae right away.