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Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bug Control in NYC Residences

When it comes to effectively controlling bed bugs, a proper inspection and treatment becomes a top priority in your life. If you suspect you have a need for bed bug control in your NYC residence, then your first step is finding a team of professionals who know exactly how to get any of these bugs out of your home for good. You’re probably wondering: What is the most efficient and effectual technique for inspecting your residence for bed bugs? And what is the optimal treatment method for bed bugs? Here’s what you need to know about bed bug control in NYC residences.

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Bed Bug Dog Inspection

When it comes to bed bug inspections, call on the dogs. Properly trained bed bug dogs and their handlers are paramount in bed bug detection. A bed bug dog can detect bed bugs at all stages of their life cycles with a 96%-98% accuracy rating. Most important, bed bug dogs can even detect a teeny tiny bed bug egg and let their handlers know where such eggs are hiding. 

Bed bug dogs go through extensive instruction that include over 800 hours of training. Their ability to sniff out bed bugs with such a high accuracy makes them one of the most powerful tools in bed bug control available on the market. 

A bed bug dog and handler work together in training to develop an incomparable bond that makes the inspection process go smoothly and thorough. The handler guides the bed bug dog around the residence, making sure to target all of the key areas where bed bug activity is likely.

Together a bed bug dog and handler team can move through a room within minutes, making them unparalleled resources in bed bug control efforts.

Cryonite Freezing Treatment

There are several treatment methods when it comes to bed bugs; however, there is one that stands above the rest. The technique known as Cryonite freezing eradicates bed bugs in an environmentally and people friendly manner.

Cryonite freezing is a non-toxic treatment method that targets bed bugs at all stages of life. A Cryonite machine emits carbon dioxide at -110 degrees F, essentially producing a snow that kills bed bugs on contact. The machine disburses the liquid CO2, rapidly allowing it to make contact with surfaces, even making it so it reaches cracks and crevices.

Since Cryonite freezing is considered safe for your loved ones, including your pets. This means that the area treated is safe to reenter and reoccupy almost immediately after treatment. Another huge bonus with using Cryonite freezing is that it isn’t necessary to clean and wash everything in the areas after treatment.

Cryonite freezing isn’t only safe for people and environmentally friendly. It is considered a green approach because it uses recycled CO2 and doesn’t add extra CO2 to the atmosphere.

Bed bugs are becoming resistant to more traditional chemical treatment methods adopted by other bed bug companies and homeowners who try to take on bed bug control themselves. These inefficient methods make eradicating bed bugs difficult and frustrating. One of the benefits of using Cryonite freezing is that bed bugs won’t build up an immunity to it.  

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