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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

What to Expect from a Bed Bug Exterminator Company in Brooklyn, NY

You can rest assured that your problems will soon be over. Hiring the right exterminator to handle your pest control will offer you the peace of mind you deserve. You will not only end up with a pest-free environment, but you’ll have had a professional experience that will give you comfort and confidence to reside in your home again. Here is what you can expect from a bed bug exterminator company in Brooklyn, NY.

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Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Call in the dogs when you want the bed bugs to be detected right away and a remedy put in place as soon as possible. Dogs have a much better detection ability than humans. An exterminator will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises, paying close attention to known problem areas. Having a bed bug dog and handler team on site to perform the inspection will ensure optimal results. A bed bug canine goes through extensive training, at least 800 hours’ worth. They are able to sweep a room in minutes in many cases and are known to be up to 98% accurate. This is an incredible feat when it comes to bed bug exterminating. After all, proper extermination begins with locating bed bug activity. 

The Methodology: Cryonite Freezing

The exterminating process entails preparing a plan for your residence that will be safe and highly effective. Your property and its residents are of the utmost concern. Methods that are considered green yet proven to be successful are what you can expect when hiring the right bed bug exterminator. Bed bug control comes with having extensive knowledge of the bugs and knowing that bed bugs are resistant to many pesticides, most of which are considered potentially harmful to any living thing. 

Cryonite freezing is one of the treatment options that you can expect to be offered. This entails using a machine that employs cooling properties of CO2. The machine will disburse carbon dioxide at -110 degrees Fahrenheit, creating snow-like particles that kill bed bugs upon contact. There is virtually no residual effect after treatment, and the premises are able to be accessed almost immediately afterward. Because there are no harmful chemicals being used, the items inside the area remain clean.

Customer Service

Good customer service has always been, and remains today, the root to customer satisfaction. This is especially true in situations where a crisis is occurring. It’s understandable that you want your bed bug exterminator to be responsive from the moment you call to report a problem. So prioritize, calling on an exterminator that has phone lines available for contact after normal business hours. Great customer service extends beyond the call. Bed bug pros arrive on time, are wholly professional, and are readily available to answer any questions or concerns.   

Insurance and Guarantee

Given the very nature of bed bugs—their impact on a property and the lives of those residing there—your bed bug exterminators should be able to show you that they are adequately insured and that they guarantee their wok. You can expect to be met with assurance that your property is protected and the job is not finished until your bed bug problem is solved.

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