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Bed Bug Control: How to Stop a Bed Bug Problem in Your Manhattan, NY, Apartment

Controlling a potential bed bug problem begins with detection. Locating the bed bugs, with the assistance of highly trained dogs, will lead to an understanding of the bug population that needs controlling, the most effective treatment process to rid you of the problematic pests, and how to prevent future infestations from taking place. As you look into bed bug control services for your Manhattan, NY, keep the following advice in mind.

Locating the Problem

Where are the bugs? Bed bugs are tiny flat pests that can lurk just about anywhere, not just in beds. In fact, they do. They can be found in light sockets, fixtures, behind wallpaper, and in cracks and crevices around your apartment. That is just to mention a few of the areas that are likely targets for bed bug activity. When you add up all of these spaces with the obvious areas that they infest, such as mattresses, furniture, and carpet, the possibilities are endless. The nose of a trained dog for this very purpose is what’s needed to sniff them out. Our bed bug dogs are known for being 96% to 98% effective at what they do. Those are incredible odds: If you have a bed bug problem, our dogs will detect it. They have 800 hours of training in bed bug detection, so they’ll know just what to do.

What’s the Problem?

If you have tried on your own to rid your apartment of bed bugs, you have likely found that they have returned. Store-bought solutions tend not to be effective because bed bugs have built up resistance over time. Not all the eggs may have been destroyed. Or there may be infestations in areas that you are not aware of. To effectively rid homes of bed bugs, we use a Cryonite machine to freeze those pesky bugs and end your bug problem instantly. The emission of carbon dioxide “snow” does give bed bugs a chance, yet it’s completely safe for you to inhabit your home after treatment. It’s a non-toxic solution that bed bugs cannot build a resistance to because it has no chemical properties. 

Don’t Spread the Problem

Another essential factor to consider is making sure you are not bringing the bed bugs with you into your apartment and making sure you are not transporting them out either. This can be accomplished by being aware of your surroundings, where you lay your personal belongings, and where you sleep when you travel. Double-check your bags and belongings before bringing them into your apartment, and avoid purchasing items off the streets and second hand.

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In addition to an effective treatment, preventative measures can further keep your risk of bed bug problems in check. This includes keeping your apartment clean, as well as knowing who to call if you need future bed bug inspections. You have no control over the ones you share a wall with in an apartment, of course, but you do have control over your own personal space. Fortunately, when you use a bed bug control company that offers a guarantee, you don’t have to worry about the bed bugs coming back—follow-up visits are free if they’re needed at all.