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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

A Bed Bug Exterminator Visit in Manhattan, NY, Explained from Start to Finish

Your bed bug exterminator visit has been scheduled and now you are wondering what to expect upon arrival. It can be unnerving not knowing what to expect before the exterminators need to access and potentially make a thorough sweep of the both the inside and outside of your home or commercial property space. Not only that, they are there because you suspect you have a bed bug problem, which understandably makes anyone uncomfortable. So, below is a bed bug exterminator visit in Manhattan, NY, explained to you from start to finish. This should provide you with some valuable information and prove helpful in easing any concerns.

Bring in the Dogs

First, you can expect your bed bug exterminator to arrive on time and appear in an orderly and professional fashion. Reputable companies are fully discreet as they know this can be a sensitive issue and that they are traversing your property. They will explain to you about the process moving forward, and they may then talk about needing access to both the inside and outside of your home or space. The first job at hand is confirming your suspicions—that you do indeed have a bed bug problem, and highly trained dogs will be able to detect whether you have the pests lurking in your property or not.

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Finding the Problem

Now that that the exterminators have explained to you what they are looking for and the process in which they will be inspecting the premises, they will need to be able to freely move about the area to properly access potential hiding places, areas of any infestations, and entry points. This can take a bit of time depending on the size of the property. As such, be prepared to give the bed bug exterminator and the dogs free range to move about with ease to be able to confidently assess and inspect the entire environment and its condition.

Determining the Solution

After an exterminator has been able to thoroughly access the areas and perform a complete inspection they may want some to time to put their assessment down in writing. It is at this point that they will put together all of their findings, potential treatment options, and other related information that you will need to know. This is your time to ask any questions and bring up any concerns you have in between this inspection and the treatment. The information that you are provided should be user friendly in that it is easy to understand and to the point.

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Freeze the Bed Bugs Away

The most effective way to rid your property of your bed bug problem once and for all is Cryonite freezing. During your initial inspection, you will learn more about this method and how it can be used to solve your pest problem. This non-toxic treatment involves carbon dioxide “snow” at -110 degrees Fahrenheit to freeze and kill bugs immediately. Your infestation, if it’s that bad, could be attacked in just one treatment. And if for some reason it doesn’t work, your exterminator will return for free to ensure that any bed bug eggs and larvae are out of your life for good.