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In a recent study, 1 in 10 New Yorkers admitted to dealing with bed bugs at some point during their time living in the Big Apple. It's an understandable anxiety, not only due to how commonly bed bugs find their way into NYC apartments and businesses but also how resilient bed bug colonies can be. For over 400 days, bed bugs can hide out, laying eggs and multiplying before even making themselves known. But through early detection and non-invasive techniques, we can catch bed bugs in your space long before they even have the chance to bite or spread beyond their concentrated colonies. For over 40 years, NY Bed Bug Dogs has worked one-on-one with each of our clients quickly, effectively and with your privacy and care as our top priorities.


Why does NYC have so many bed bugs?

A common misconception over the decades is that these persistent creatures thrive in low-income areas, but this is not true. Bed bugs actually originate most commonly from middle and upper-class neighborhoods, typically from groups that travel in and out of the country. Between the close proximity of New Yorkers and with the ideal climate for breeding, bed bugs thrive in NYC more than most other places in the US. The stigma connected with catching bed bugs can unfortuantely keep people from speaking up, adding to the bed bugs' time to reproduce and jump apartments. For complete protection of your investments, contact our team the moment you detect bed bugs in your home.


Using trained bed bug dogs to detect NYC bed bugs

We care about your comfort, safety and peace of mind above all else. Our innovative detection and treatment process puts us above the rest of NYC exterminators.

our bed bug dog detection process:

  • Dogs with 800 hours of training arrive at your home to pinpoint any colonies of bed bugs
  • This detection has a 96-98% success rate
  • Dogs only spend several minutes in each home

treating without harmful chemicals:

  • Our CO2-based treatment, known as CRYONITE, freezes bed bugs in a safe, conscious manner
  • Our dogs allow us to target specific areas, opposed to spraying the whole space "just in case"
  • Treatment is safe for both those inhabiting the space and for most materials and electronics.

Whether you run a high-profile business or would like to keep our visit private, we take precautionary methods to ensure your confidentiality.

client-focused efforts include:

  • We arrive in inconspcuous vehicles, without uniforms that indicate we are exterminators
  • Dogs only spend several minutes inside each home
  • Only a small level of preparation is required for the detection and treatment
  • We guarantee re-treatment in the event bed bugs return.

Bed Bugs Inspection in Your NYC Space

A bed bug infestation is rarely obvious. This is also one of the major reasons they can spread and nest throughout a space so successfully.  With an ability to hide without feeding for up to 400 days, one may only see the critters or experience bites over a year after a trip abroad or exposure to an infested space. 

As a New Yorker, it's smart to occasionally check your mattress seams, furniture and rugs for signs of blood spots, exoskeletons or the bugs themselves. Bed bugs are commonly brown or red, about a quarter of an inch in size. Nymphs can be quite small, sometimes nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. 

Though bites can appear similar to other insect's markings, bed bug bites often show up in lines and are always quite itchy. Swelling or additional rashes may occur as well. 

At the earliest clues of bed bugs, call our team to begin the detection process and catch them before they further impede on your daily peace of mind.



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I was ready to throw everything out of my apartment! You told me not to, solved my Bed Bug problem and got my life back to normal.
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