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Bed bug exterminator Nassau County NY


Tucked between NYC and the beautiful beaches of Long Island, Nassau County residents have the best of both worlds. Nassau County is filled with frequent travelers who live in close communities, creating the perfect climate for bed bugs looking to find a home in the area. Far from new, bed bugs have been a problem on Long Island for decades, growing more so in the past several years. Our team at NY Bed Bug Dogs has perfected a way to both accurately detect and treat bed bugs without toxic chemicals or intrusive, drawn-out techniques. With the client always as our top priority, we balance speed with specificity, guaranteeing our services until bed bugs are fully gone from your Nassau County home or business.


Bed bug control Nassau County NY

How do our trained bed bug dogs in Nassau County, NY detect bed bugs?

Paired with our professional dog handlers, bed bug dog sniffers are trained for over 800 hours to hone in bed bugs' exact location in your space. With up to three feet of the bugs themselves, dogs have up to 98% accuracy, making this the clearest way to avoid unnecessary treatment outside of the affected area. During our visit, each dog and its handler will visit your home for a short time, helping us pinpoint exactly where bed bugs have set up shop.


FAQs about Nassau County bed bug control

Fully understanding the bed bug problem in Nassau country leads to early detection, stopping their breeding cycle before it gets out of control.

what do bed bugs look like?:

  • Brown or red bodies

  • Six small legs

  • Adults can be as large as a quarter of an inch

how do I detect them without bites?:

  • Bed bug exoskeletons left behind on bed or in crevices

  • Blood stains on your mattress or bedding

  • Small brown or black spots in the seams of mattresses

  • Bug sightings soon after a trip abroad


what do bed bugs look like?:

  • Often appear in lines of 2 or 3 bites

  • Small red welts

  • Can lead to an additional rash or swelling

  • Often very itchy


what should i do if I detect bed bugs?:

  • Tell your landlord or superintendent

  • Sequester any items you believe are infected and wash clothing in a hot cycle

  • Call our help line immediately for early detection

  • Do not try to treat the bed bugs yourself


Our Non-Toxic Bed Bug Freezing in Nassau County, NY

Not only do we guarantee the quick and thorough removal of bed bugs from your home or business, but we also focus on doing so safely. Your family and pet's health is our top priority, getting you back into your home with confidence both from pests and from our methods of treatment.

By using the eco-friendly and straightforward CRYONITE technology, we "freeze" bugs instead of poisoning them. Just like dry ice, this snow-like material uses CO2 without harming any material in your home and without ever leading a residue.


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I was ready to throw everything out of my apartment! You told me not to, solved my Bed Bug problem and got my life back to normal.
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eco-friendly Bed Bug Freezing and highly-trained dogs keep your Nassau County home bed-bug free

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NY BedBug Dogs, is proud to be able to offer ground breaking cryonite freezing as part of its integrated bed bug control program. NY Bed Bug Dogs offers bed bug inspection & extermination services in Queens, NY and all of NYC, Long Island, and NJ.


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