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For over 40 years, our team has worked with New York and New Jersey home and business owners to face one of the area's most pressing fears: bed bugs. As one of the top ten cities in the country for bed bug issues, Manhattan requires a quick and thorough response. Our pack of highly trained bed-bug-sniffing dogs proudly get to work the moment they enter your space, pinpointing areas for treatment with 98% accuracy. Recognized for our focus on customer safety and support, top media like the NY Times and ABC News has spoken of our service to fight bed bugs in the city. Finding bed bugs in your home doesn't need to evoke panic. With complete confidentiality and discreet service, we work with you energy step of the way until you once again experience complete peace of mind.


How do I recognize bed bugs in my Manhattan, NY home?

Bed bug are very small, often unnoticeable parasites that feed on blood to survive. With extreme resiliency and the ability to quickly spread in densely populated areas, Manhattan becomes a prime spot for bed bugs to reproduce. Their bodies are often brown or reddish, and can be as small as the head of pin. The also have six small legs and an antenna. Bed bugs often appear after taking a trip abroad or becoming exposed to another person or apartment that is currently dealing with bed bugs. They can live without feeding for over a year, but often show themselves by causing lines of red, swollen bits that itch more than more insects.


Knowing the Signs of Bed Bugs in your Manhattan Home 

Bed bugs can appear without a clear reason, so it's important to know the early clues that they may be settling into your home or business.

common nesting places for bed bugs:

  • Bed frames and headboards

  • Mattress, especially in the seams and box spring

  • Crevices in wallpaper, corners and small spaces within the furniture

  • Luggage, clothing and shoes after a recent trip

identifying a bed bug bite:

  • Small red welts, often in a line

  • Getting bitten without detection. Bed bug bites tend not to hurt as they occur.

  • Can itch or burn

  • Check with your doctor if you're concerned about whether you have bed bug bites


If you find signs of bed bugs:

  • Do not try to treat your home by yourself. Chemicals can be dangerous and ineffective

  • If applicable, call your landlord or superintendent

  • Speak with our team members so we can ensure early detection with our team of dogs

  • Clean away any piles or clutter to keep bed bugs from finding new places to nest


Why do we use bed bug dogs to detect bed bugs in Manhattan, NY?

Dogs have the ability to detect the signature bed bug odor with nearly a 100% accuracy. After 800 hours of training, our trustworthy pups spend just minutes in your home, targeting the specific areas where bed bugs live. With such accuracy, we avoid unnecessary treatment or expense on your part, while keeping the process quick and easy. Working alongside our professional dog handlers, they provide a service unmatched by any technology or method.


An eco-friendly freezing bed bugs solution fit for your Manhattan Home or Business

In such a modern, connected city, we understand that you need a quick yet safe method for cleaning your home of pests. Between our non-invasive use of dogs to detect bed bugs and our CRYONITE, CO2-based treatment method, we cut out the chemicals commonly associated with exterminators. Just like dry ice, this process freezes beg bugs and other pests, killing them without dangerous poisons that could hang around in your belongings. Not only is this safer, but it gets you back to living your life and running your business in less time. 


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I was ready to throw everything out of my apartment! You told me not to, solved my Bed Bug problem and got my life back to normal.
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