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Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park, located on the eastern edge of Manhattan, can be summed up in three words: Historic, Chic, Gothic. Gramercy Park is a leafy, affluent neighborhood characterized by brownstones and high-rise apartment buildings. There is a lively after-work scene in the area’s historic taverns and trendy restaurants. Elegant hotels are located all around. The bands that play in Irving Plaza, a performance hall, are very varied.

Between East 14th and East 23rd streets is where you’ll find Gramercy Park. The neighborhood was named for the exclusive, gated park that sits at its heart. Gramercy Park, however, is still solely accessible to the wealthy occupants of the surrounding mansions. This area’s preservation of its historic architecture gives it an air reminiscent of the 19th century’s opulent era.

Many people think that Gramercy Park is one of the most attractive areas in New York, NY because of its village-like atmosphere and pre-war architecture. Soho, Union Square, the Flatiron District, and the East Village are all within walking distance. In spite of all the activity going on around it, this is still a peaceful and attractive place which only a lucky few get to call home.

Samuel B. Ruggles planned Gramercy Park with a focus on opulence and privacy. New York City’s population exploded in the early 1800s when German and Irish refugees from economic hardship back home flocked to the city. Due to the influx of new citizens, the city began to spread northward, as the well-to-do left the inner city in search of cleaner air and larger homes. New York City was under increasing pressure from this trend to create a more segregated area within its limits in an effort to stem the flow of residents.

There are many areas of New York City that have become famous for a single architectural style. Contrast this with Gramercy, which features a plethora of design choices. Several townhouses in the Italianate style are found on Gramercy West, while their Greek Revival counterparts can be found immediately next door. Despite the wide variety of architectural forms, the zoning regulations have ensured that they coexist peacefully. Each townhouse is five stories tall, and its narrow width means that it can only have three windows.

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