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Flatiron District

The Flatiron Building, a massive wedge-shaped skyscraper, dominates the skyline of the Flatiron District in NYC, a region dominated by Beaux-Arts and cast-iron structures. This famous site has inspired several artists and photographers over the years, so much so that the surrounding neighborhood bears its name.

There is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from in the area, such as the enormous Italian food market Eataly, as well as fine Mexican cuisine and New American restaurants with Michelin stars. The original Shake Shack, home of some of the city’s best burgers, is located in Madison Square Park, as are thought-provoking public art projects and free performances.

It is bounded south by 14th Street, west by 6th Avenue (the Avenue of the Americas), north by Madison Square and 23rd Street, west by Chelsea, and east by Park Avenue South and Gramercy Park.

The Flatiron District is a vibrant and varied community thanks to its architecture, atmosphere, and cuisine. The region is recognized for its wealth of home and design stores and its hip new boutiques and eateries, which complement the city’s traditional beauty.

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower, with its four clock faces, and other Beaux-Arts and cast-iron buildings are just the tip of the architectural iceberg in the Flatiron District. This location is quite convenient as it connects the downtown and midtown areas.

Community District 5 includes the Flatiron area of Manhattan. Although their boundaries overlap to some extent, the Flatiron Alliance neighborhood group and the Flatiron NoMad Partnership business improvement district both serve the same area.

Real estate salespeople wanted a catchy term to label the region in their advertisements, and the title “Flatiron District” dates back to roughly 1985, when the area was becoming more residential and welcoming a large number of restaurants. Before that, the district’s primary economic activity was commercial, and it was sometimes referred to as the Toy District because of the abundance of small apparel and toy makers located there.

From 1903 to 1945, the American International Toy Fair was held in the Toy Center buildings at 23rd Street and Broadway. After much of this industry left the country, the neighborhood became known as the Photo District due to the abundance of photography studios and related businesses that had settled there because of the affordable rents.

Since the turn of the millennium, the neighborhood has become home to numerous publishing houses and advertising agencies, and it has gained the nicknames “Silicon Alley” and “Multimedia Gulch” due to the abundance of IT startups located there.

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