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Over the past decade, neighborhoods all the way from DUMBO down to Coney Island have continued to fill with young, hip residents. A community passionate about travel, there's no surprise that the popular borough has seen another uptick in bed bug infestations in the past years. Common throughout New York City for decades, bed bugs hitch a ride most often on suitcase, shoes, and clothing after while journeying abroad. Combined with the bed bug's extreme resiliency and ability to spread from apartment to apartment, Brooklyn becomes prime grounds for their return time and time again. NY Bed Bug Dogs are here to catch a possible infestation long before it spreads, using a chemical-free method for literally sniffing out their homes and hiding places.


What is a bed bug?

These tiny, difficult-to-detect parasites commonly hide in the crevices of furniture, clothing and of course, mattress. Brown or red and only up to a 1/4 of an inch in size, these creatures produce an anesthetic that keeps you from knowing that you're even getting bitten. Able to live for months without feeding and with the ability to reproduce quite quickly, apartments and densely populated neighborhoods become an obvious place for them to set up shop before making themselves known.


Signs of a Bed Bug Problem in the Brooklyn, NY

The earlier you detect signs of a bed bug problem, the easier it will be eradicate their infestation.

how are bed bug bites different than other insects?:

  • Incredibly itchy

  • Often appear in lines on your body

  • Can swell or cause an additional rash

where do bed bugs hide in my home?:

  • In the crevices of furniture, even desks and tables

  • On the inside seams of mattress and rugs

  • Can be carried in on luggage, clothing or shoes before spreading

Since bed bugs can be difficult to spot with the human eye, look for additional signs of feedings and any trails they leave behind.

signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Small, brown exoskeletons shed by the bed bug

  • Trails of blood in bedding or pajamas

  • Black or red spots at the seams of mattresses


Our Team of NY Bed Bug Dogs

The use of highly trained bed bug dogs is currently the most effective and quickest way to detect pockets of bed bugs in your home. With up to 800 hours of training, these pups can sniff out bed bugs in just a few minutes, ensuring if treatment is needed and where. In comparison to other exterminators, who may spray the whole space as a precaution, we aim to avoid any unnecessary treatment with the use of targeted detection.


Eco-friendly bed bug freezing treatment in your  Brooklyn, NY Home or Business

The moment you detect the possibility of bed bugs or even hear that a neighbor could have exposed your space, give our experts a call to speak about first steps. Before our dogs head over to get to work, we'll ask you to clear your space of any clutter, sequester your pets in a safe area such as a bathroom, and vacuum the area. For complete concentration, we will ask you to step out as the dog sniffs for several minutes.

If bed bugs are detected, we use an innovative and earth-conscious technology known as Cryonite to freeze and eradicate any hidden bed bugs. This CO2-based system is safe on electronics, furniture and around pets and homeowners.



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our effective bed bug dogs provide crucial peace of mind in your Brooklyn, NY home.

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