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Why You Should Call a Bed Bug Exterminator in the Nassau County, NY, Area Before Your Bed Bug Problem Becomes a Nightmare

Early detection and prevention are key to keeping anything from getting out of control. This is especially true when it comes to bed bugs. Bed bugs, like many other unwanted pests, can reproduce at a very fast rate, and infestations can occur in an extremely short period of time in your Nassau County, NY, home. They will feed off of you and your loved ones, leaving unsightly itchy and painful bite marks that are susceptible to infection. These bugs can spread easily by being transported on clothes, boxes, linens, furniture, and other household items, so you could potentially risk infesting others if you don’t call in a bed bug exterminator right away. 

The Bed Bug

A bed bug is very tiny in size making them difficult to detect. In fact, they are relatively the size of a sesame seed, and a fully grown bed bug only reaches the size of a piece of rice. They are also relatively flat.  

As you can imagine, this makes them accessible to just about any place around your home and property. A bed bug is known to lay approximately 500 eggs during its lifespan, so an infestation can occur in a very short time. Bed bugs feed on warm blooded animals, seeking out blood for food. Humans are the sought after target of a bed bug because of exposed skin without fur or much hair. This makes humans a nice easy place to feed. This also makes areas such as bedding, mattresses, clothing, and furniture—places where people spend a lot of time—viable areas for bed bugs to thrive and lurk. 

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When a bed bug attaches, it will inject saliva into the skin in order to prevent the blood from clotting so their food line remains open for feasting. If this sounds both disgusting and scary to you, then you should be starting to realize just how important it is to call a bed bug exterminator to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Time and Money

Bed bug infestations can be costly and time consuming to treat. Having bed bugs can take a toll on lifestyles, routines, and health, but it doesn’t end there. Treating them is no easy feat either. None of this is anything that you want as a property owner or homeowner. The best service you can offer yourself, your loved ones, and your guests is the satisfaction of knowing that the area they are living within is free from bed bugs. It is much more time effective and a lot less costly to call an exterminator for a routine bed bug inspection for early detection and prevention of unwanted infestations. Staying proactive will ensure that your environment remains a healthy and clean place to live and relax.

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Bed Bug Dogs

Early detection is a must, and calling in highly trained bed bug dogs can ensure that you have trustworthy confirmation of a problem—so you can take action if there is indeed bed bugs in your home.  A bed bug detecting canine is capable of sniffing out even a single live bug or live egg. These work with speed and accuracy unparalleled by the visual inspection and can detect leftover live eggs even after a treatment. This means that you are provided with superior assurance that your environment will remain free from bed bugs after the bed bug exterminator leaves.