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What to Expect After Bed Bug Treatment in Brooklyn, NY

If you just had a bed bug treatment performed at your Brooklyn, NY, home, the pest management team probably gave you some recommendations on the next steps to take after the treatment. It is important to follow all of the steps specified by the professional team to ensure that you are help make the eradication process as short as possible. Here is what to expect after a bed bug treatment.

Monitor for Surviving Bed Bugs

If the pest management team has used pesticides, you’ll have to wait for a couple of hours—approximately six hours or up to 24 hours for kids and pregnant women—to go back to your home. Once you get home, it is important to air the room for at least an hour, and wash and dry any clothing and linens that have been in the room.

After the treatment is over, you’ll want to monitor for surviving bed bugs. You can continue to sleep on your bed after a bed bug treatment. If you used a traditional treatment, there might be surviving eggs and a follow-up treatment could be necessary. A traditional chemical treatment usually does require at least one follow-up treatment.

Conversely, a cryonite treatment—which involves freezing bed bugs—does not require so much attention after bed bug treatment. It’s also safer to use. At NY Bed Bug Dogs, we are experienced in various types of bed bug removal treatments and always stay on top of industry trends. Therefore, we use one of the most effective bed bug removal methods—cryonite.

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Unlike pesticides that can be really toxic—and that bed bugs are known for becoming resistant to—cryonite is a non-toxic method that applies thin layers of CO2 snow. It is a chemical-free method of ridding homes of the annoying teeny-tiny bugs.

With cryonite, you won’t face any damage to your bedding or furniture. This method is safe for use around pets, kids, and older people. After the treatment, you can sleep, eat, and use the sprayed areas as the CO2 evaporates—it leaves almost no trace within minutes. Since it is dry ice, you don’t have to evacuate treatment areas and you don’t have to wait hours before handling treated surfaces. Don’t hesitate to choose the best way of eliminating bed bugs! Get in touch with the NY Bed Bug Dogs immediately after the first bed bug “symptoms” and let our dogs take care of the diagnostic process.

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Avoid Inviting More Bugs Into Your Home

There are several ways that you can inadvertently bring a new wave of bed bugs into your home. The first one is by bringing used beds or other types of furniture into the house. It also helps to avoid placing things into corners that have been affected by bed bugs until you are sure they are entirely eliminated.

Another way to eliminate possible ways of bringing bed bugs into your home is to be careful when traveling. That being said, always check the room you are staying in, especially the mattress. Pay attention to any bites to see if they could be from bed bugs.