Tips From a Bed Bug Exterminator Company for Preventing an Infestation in NYC

Keeping bed bugs at bay is top of mind for most NYC residents; they are a problem that can affect anyone from all walks of life. While cleanliness is key to preventing most insect infestations, bed bug prevention requires a special type of preparation that not everyone realizes. Fortunately, your bed bug exterminator company has a wealth of information to share when it comes to preventing these pests from entering your life. You can make yourself more aware by checking out these tips to ensure you won’t be pestered by bed bugs. 


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Take Care When Traveling

A common way that most people bring bed bugs home with them is after travel. Bed bugs love to hide out in hotels or vacation homes and hitch a ride with unsuspecting victims back to their place. A hotel room or rental home can look clean and tidy, but bed bugs are experts at hiding and may not be detected right away. 


There’s no need to cancel your travel plans, but be sure to follow a few precautions for peace of mind when you’re on the road. You could bring a large garbage bag with you when traveling and keep your luggage under wraps when not in use. You could also keep your suitcase or bags at a safe distance from the bed to ensure critters won’t climb in. Immediately when you enter your room, lift up the mattress and pull away the fitted sheet and bedding to search for signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs are small, flat brown bugs about the side of a sesame seed. Also look for little black specks on mattresses and sheets, as those could be the signs of bed bug waste. 


Avoid Used Furniture

That dresser on the side of the road may look a great deal if it’s marked “free,” but the price you’ll pay could come in the form of a future bed bug infestation. While used furniture may seem harmless, unless you know for sure that it has been treated and vetted by bed bug exterminator company, you probably don’t want to take the chance and bring it into your home. Remember that bed bugs can hide in almost anything that comes in contact with humans, including sofas, vanities, and of course, beds. 


Make Routine Checks

As with every potential problem in your life, prevention is the key. Even the most fastidious person can still miss the signs of bed bugs, but by making a routine to inspect your home for them regularly, you can still avoid an infestation. Consider looking under and around your mattress once a week or every time you change your sheets to help give yourself peace of mind. 


Call in the Pros

Notice a few bug bites that concern you? Found a few unsettling signs that have you worried? If you think you may have even one bed bug or you want a routine inspection, then it’s time to call in the pros. Trying to take care of the problem yourself, or ignoring it all together is a sure way to invite an unpleasant infestation of bed bugs. Be sure to contact a certified exterminator that specializes in the removal of bed bugs to ensure that you’ll have the best chance at preventing an infestation in your home. 


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