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The Role of Dogs in Bed Bug Control in Staten Island, NY

Working dogs are an excellent (and adorable) asset, and can help provide assistance to humans with their keen sense of smell and intellect. From sniffing out bombs and narcotics to working as guide dogs and more, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to man’s best friend. But did you know that there are highly trained dogs that are also experts in bed bug control? If you suspect that bed bugs have taken up residence in your Staten Island, NY home, consider how canines can help to confirm you have a problem and become a part of your bed bug extermination plan. Read on and we’ll share all the ways these hard working pups can help to make your home bed bug free. 

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Super Sense of Smell

Dogs noses feature up to 300 million olfactory receptors, compared to the 6 million receptors that humans have. This means that a dog’s sense of smell is nearly 40 times greater than that of a human! Their brains are naturally hardwired to be more devoted to analyzing smells than ours, and as a result, they can sniff out scents and traces that mankind cannot. Once the dogs have detected the scent of a bed bug infestation, Cryonite freezing methods can be applied to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs at the source. 


Expertly Trained

It takes a lot of training to get a dog to weed through all of the smells they come across every day. When it comes to detecting bed bugs, it takes 800 hours of training to be precise. Bed bug detection dogs are trained to sniff out signs of termites every single day, keeping their senses sharp. As a result, canine bed bug detection is up to 98% effective within a 3 foot radius.


Fast, Effective and Thorough

Bed bugs are hard for humans to find sometimes. They can hide out in nooks, crannies and cracks, making it impossible for exterminators to locate the source of an infestation. However, canines make the process much faster, easier and less invasive. Bed bug dogs and trained by expert dog handlers to search every spot, so nothing is missed, and so all of the bed bugs in an infested area can be identified and eliminated. In fact, it only takes an average of two minutes for a trained dog to inspect an average-size hotel room.


Peace of Mind

Knowing that your family or guests are living or enjoying a space that’s free of bed bugs can be a real weight off of your shoulders. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, bed bug dogs can offer a less invasive, quick and effective method of regularly ensuring that your spaces aren’t infested with bed bugs. By scheduling regular visits by these furry pest control experts, you’ll be proactive in your bed bug control, creating less stress for you.


Trained bed bug dogs are an integral part of any experts bed bug exterminators team. With their keen, effective sense of smell, they’ll help quickly and accurately detect areas of bed bug infestation so that remediation in the form of Cryonite freezing can start right away. It’s proven that bed bug detection dogs can help to save time and frustration in the inspection of bed bugs; their use can offer fast results so that a solution plan can be put in place.


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