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The Importance of Bed Bug Control Training for Your Hotel Staff in Nassau County, NY

When guests come to stay at a hotel in Nassau County, NY, they expect to enjoy their time there—from the food to the pool to the room accommodations, the standards must be high to encourage repeat visits. This requires cleanliness in every corner of the hotel and a solid bed bug control policy.

After all, one of the main ways to build repeat clients is by word of mouth, as most people tell their friends about both the good and the bad of a hotel visit. Another way that guests can influence public perception of hotel is through online reviews. It goes without saying that a review mentioning bed bugs can spell doom for any facility. Bed bug identification and control training is critically important for your hotel staff.

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How Bed Bugs Arrive

We are a society of frequent travelers, by airplane, by bus, and by train. Add cab and car-sharing rides like Uber, and we all have many opportunities to inadvertently pick up bed bugs and bring them to a hotel. They can hitch a ride on luggage or clothing, and infest a hotel room with speed. The best and first line of defense is to train hotel staff to identify the signs of bed bugs.

Identifying Bed Bugs

The staff should inspect the sleeping and surrounding areas every time guests check out of a hotel room. This includes looking for tiny dark spots on the mattress, which can be signs of feeding. Inspect for bed bug eggs that can seem glued to any flat surface such as the headboard or side rails. Slide a butter knife or plastic card through any tight surfaces or gaps to dislodge bed bugs if they are there and make them easier to see. There may be a sweet odor surrounding the bed area and specifically the mattress. Catching and eliminating bed bugs before they have a chance to spread is a vital step for bed bug control.

Educate Staff on Proper Procedure If Detected

If a staff member suspects bed bugs, rooms involved or nearby should be removed from service immediately. It is essential to leave all bedding and any other items in the room so that everything can be inspected for bed bugs. Removing any objects from the room brings a possible risk of spreading the bed bugs. All preventative measures should be followed very carefully to contain any bed bug problem so that it can be treated and eradicated.

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What to Do If Bed Bugs Are Detected

Working in a close partnership with an expert pest control provider can help your staff be knowledgeable about how to handle bed bugs in a discreet and professional manner. Providing regular instructional information for the hotel staff can keep them up to date on the latest pest prevention and elimination techniques. Detection requires swift and decisive action.

The most accurate detection and treatment approach to a bed bug problem is to start with the use of bed bug sniffing dogs. With a 98% accuracy rate, they take only minutes to sniff out the exact location of the problem. To ensure the safety of the hotel guests and the reputation of the hotel, NY Bed Bug Dogs conducts the detection and treatment process in an unobtrusive manner. Using cryonite freezing technology to freeze the bed bugs, there are no chemicals—only the safe, effective elimination of the problem.