How to Prepare Your House for Bed Bug Inspection in Elmont, NY

The first step to eradicating bed bugs from your Elmont, NY, home is getting a professional and thorough inspection. Although it might be tempting to try to get rid of bed bugs on your own, it’s always best to leave it to the pros. In the interim, however, here are some things that you can do to contain the infestation and prepare for the inspection.

Forego DIY Treatments

Although, in most cases, there is nothing wrong with trying to take matters into your own hands, when dealing with bed bugs, applying store bought pesticides is like throwing money away. Additionally, most over-the-counter products work more as deterrents. This means that bedbug populations are prone to move to other locations of your home. This often results in a more severe infestation.

Don’t Rearrange Furniture or other Items

Feng Shui does not help get rid of bed bugs. Moving around furniture and other items in your home will only exacerbate the spread of the pests and alter what has been happening naturally in your home. This will give your exterminator an inaccurate picture of the degree of the infestation. Bed bugs are more likely to go undetected by the homeowner, when furniture and other household items have been recently shuffled around, leading to a more severe infestation. To give the exterminator the most accurate information on the infestation, it is hugely important to refrain from altering the normal layout of your home.

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Don’t Throw Away Your Belongings

It is very rare that a mattress, certain pieces of furniture, or other household items will have to be disposed of due to infestation. Professional exterminators can, in most cases, save and treat infested belongings. Before you take any desperate measures, have your exterminator gauge the severity of the infestation. It is only in the most severe cases that items cannot be properly treated and saved.

Don’t Sleep in Another Room

As tempting as it might be to move to another room, it is advised that you stay put. Bed bugs follow their food source. If you move to another room, due to the incredibly adept sense of smell of the bed bug, they will follow you, or otherwise find other individuals in the home to feed on. This means that the bed bugs will migrate and cause rooms that may not have been infested to require professional treatment. Of course, this all means more money and time spent on eradicating the infestation. To contain the infestation, save money and time, and to give the exterminator an accurate picture of the infestation, it is important to stay put and contact a professional as soon as the infestation becomes known to you.

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Catch and Save, or Photograph Live Bedbugs

If possible, catch and save live bed bugs to show your exterminator. If you don’t like the idea of handling a bedbug, you can even take a photograph. If the home has been recently altered, or over-the-counter pesticides have been applied, and bedbug populations are either spread out or temporarily diminished, evidence of live bed bugs is extremely helpful to the exterminator.